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    45 Ancient Gems From The '90s And '00s I Found At My Parents' House During The Pandemic

    From a Harry Potter PlayStation video game to Limited Too zip-off pants.

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    When I moved back in with my parents during the pandemic, one of the many things I did during quarantine was roam around their house and collect ancient artifacts from my childhood — and boy, did I come across some millennial gems.

    Here are some that brought me all kinds of nostalgia, and maybe they'll do the same for you, too!

    1. This iconic 1998 Spice World: The Tour tour book from the Spice Girls:

    (Check out this cute little message the girls wrote to their fans 🥺💖)

    Message from the Spice Girls that reads: "First of all, a big thanks for coming to see the show, you lot! We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we do performing it!"
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    2. This Teen People magazine from 1998 featuring the Backstreet Boys:

    Magazine cover also includes article titles, like: "Jewel: Her Private Poetry," "Fashion Special: Teens pick the hot new looks"

    3. This Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone video game I spent hours trying to master on PlayStation:

    4. This composition book I decorated with my favorite musicians (who still own my heart today), like Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, and Jennifer Lopez:

    Other collage images include Eminem, Raven-Symoné, and a pair of laced-up boots

    5. This Keroppi tin lunchbox I used in my preschool days:

    6. This one-of-a-kind VHS tape of Shrek (2001):

    7. And this VHS tape of Scream 2 I forgot to return to Blockbuster in the late '90s:

    8. This Italian charm bracelet from the early '00s, featuring hella cool charms like a turtle, a soccer ball (shoutout to Saturday morning soccer!), and my name spelled out in the most unique way:

    9. These iconic CDs that I've been listening to on a stereo this month: Britney Spears' Oops!... I Did It Again (2000), Jennifer Lopez's This Is Me... Then (2002), Vitamin C's self-titled album Vitamin C (1999), and Now That's What I Call Music! 5 (2000):

    10. This colorful Spice Girls nameplate necklace I sometimes wear when I want to transport back to the '90s:

    11. These photo booth stickers I took at Limited Too after a long shopping spree:

    Me as a kid posing for the camera with eyes closed in a Limited Too photo booth

    12. Where I probably bought this blue fluffy robe with clouds all over it — shoutout to Limited Too's sleepwear!!!

    Me taking a mirror selfie in my childhood bedroom, with text on it that reads: "Reporting to you live from my childhood bedroom"

    13. These Bratz dolls wearing legendary '00s outfits:

    Bratz dolls placed in front of wicker furniture with text that reads: "(Yes, my childhood wicked furniture is still alive and well)

    14. This Livestrong bracelet I used to wear every single day in middle school:

    15. These Pokémon trading cards I'd play with on the morning bus to school, featuring Snorlax, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle:

    16. These two cuddly Care Bears, rightly named Funshine Bear and Love-a-Lot Bear:

    17. This book from the Clueless TV series that I don't really remember reading:

    "Clueless" TV series actors posing for the book cover, titled: "Clueless: True Blue Hawaii"

    18. And this book from the Amelia's Notebooks series I *do* remember reading, which I bought at my elementary school's book fair:

    Composition notebook cover for "Amelia Takes Command"

    19. This American Girl doll from 2000, Kit Kittredge, with a white fluffy pup:

    20. This box full of colorful string I used to make summer bracelets, anklets, and chokers out of:

    Rolls of colorful string wrapped around paper squares in a plastic box

    21. This pink, tropical Roxy purse that made me feel cool as hell:

    Me holding up the Roxy purse in my childhood bedroom

    22. This vintage smiley face watch:

    23. This purple Rugrats baseball hat I wore around the house, featuring Tommy Pickles and Spike:

    24. These old-school Beanie Babies named Hissy and Dotty:

    25. And a few Beanie Babies playing cards I found in a huge stack in the basement:

    26. This teeny tiny Princess Jasmine backpack from Aladdin:

    27. These plastic glow-in-the-dark flowers I stuck on my bedroom ceiling and served as a night-light:

    28. This thick, OG iPod that used to glow when you scrolled through songs:

    29. These P.S. I Love You and Juno movie tickets from my holiday break in 2007:

    "Juno" and P.S. I Love You" ticket stubs laying next to each other

    30. This super soft reversible Life Is Good beanie I wore whenever I went sledding:

    (From blue to beige! Magic!)

    31. A plastic Furby toy whose eyes you could move back and forth:

    32. This pink Game Boy Color from the late '90s that I played with during road trips:

    Game Boy Color also includes a twistable night-light

    33. And some very-used iconic video games, like Pokémon Red, Tetris, and Rocket Power: Gettin' Air:

    34. This legendary Mancala board game I was glued to every weekend:

    Mancala board filled with colorful marbles in every pocket

    35. This red Hello Kitty handkerchief that I think came with a teddy bear:

    Hello Kitty handkerchief that reads: "Did you cuddle your teddy friend today?"

    36. These beige Limited Too zip-off pants with orange zippers I wore to elementary school every chance I got:

    Zip-off pants hanging from a closet door

    (Look! They turned into shorts!!! Those were the days, my friend...)

    37. This purple Monstar action figure (named Bupkus) from Space Jam:

    Monstar action figure missing an arm

    38. This keychain set I put on my lime green L.L. Bean backpack, featuring Reptar from Rugrats, Mickey Mouse, and Tinky-Winky from Teletubbies:

    39. This Friends yellow picture frame magnet from Monica's apartment:

    40. This vintage purple Spacemaker pencil box I filled with crayons, stickers, and pencils that had smiley faces and pumpkins all over 'em:

    41. This Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell game I spent hours playing on my grandfather's desktop computer:

    42. This Rugrats in Paris: The Movie bookmark from 2000:

    "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie" movie poster on a paper bookmark

    43. This pink Barbie video camera I never really learned how to properly use:

    44. This small Pochacco card book I probably filled with Pokémon trading cards:

    45. And these limited-edition Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen dolls:

    Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls laying next to each other, hair frizzy
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