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Send Us Your Ugly Troll Face And We'll Illustrate It

Time to get trolly!

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UPDATE: The flipped version of this post is LIVE. You can view the ~beautiful~ illustrations here.

Recently the staff writers at BuzzFeed took beautifully scary pictures of themselves.

Ashley Perez

Their ugly expressions were illustrated into troll faces, and they're absolutely brilliant.

Dan Meth

Look at how manic this staff writer is.

Michael Blackmon / Dan Meth

You don't want to mess with him on a bad day.

This beautifully insane woman is here to haunt your dreams.

Julia Furlan / Dan Meth

I put a spell on you, and now you're miiiiiine!

This staff writer is just plain devilish.

Dan Meth


Here's your chance to be made into a troll! Share with us your ugliest face, and we'll illustrate it!

Cates Holderness / Dan Meth

Awards and badges will be given to the most cringeworthy submissions.

Click here to view all of the illustrated submissions.

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