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    15 Movie Characters Who Don't Deserve The Hate They Somehow Always Get

    I don't know why people hate Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie characters audiences have been too hard on for no good reason. Here are some characters who deserved a whole lot better:


    1. Rose Tico from the Star Wars franchise

    Rose looking at Finn with sadness

    "There are so many Star Wars characters who could fit this, but I would definitely say Rose Tico from the sequels. She wasn't a bad character — she just got caught up in some bad writing, yet people hated her about as much as Jar Jar Binks. The bullying Kelly Marie Tran received because of her character was absolutely unacceptable. If you don't like a character, don't take your hatred out on the actor — it's not their fault, and bullying them is NOT OKAY." —femkat

    2. Nate from The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

    Nate handing Andy a grilled cheese sandwich
    20th Century Fox

    "I do think Nate gets unwarranted hate. Once Andy started her new job, she missed events like her best friend's gallery opening and Nate's birthday — she didn't even tell him she was going to Paris! He found out by accident. I don't understand how people get mad at him, because he didn't do anything wrong." —burtney

    3. Baroness Elsa von Schraeder from The Sound of Music (1965)

    The Baroness and the Captain walking inside from the terrace
    20th Century Fox

    "She'd been seeing Captain von Trapp for some time and they were on the brink of getting engaged — then all of a sudden, he was mooning over a random nun that just showed up! I maintain most people would do what they could to stay with their partner in those circumstances, and the Baroness tried with such grace and dignity. She wasn't a very warm character, but she was clearly kind and cared about the Captain, and I think people hated on her far too much." —shrinktalk

    4. Cho Chang from the Harry Potter franchise

    Cho looking at a picture of Cedric in the Room of Requirement
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "Cho has gotten SO MUCH hate for absolutely no reason, other than the fact that she dated Cedric before dating Harry. It makes me so angry because she doesn’t deserve it!" —eriemendes33

    "Her boyfriend had just been murdered and she was feeling guilty over her blooming feelings for Harry. It's normal for teenage girls to have emotions, and she was feeling that 10x. Also, she was *not* the one who snitched on Dumbledore's Army — that was Marietta Edgecombe!" —spacemonkey11

    5. Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise

    Ron in pain in a hospital bed
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "I gotta support Ron Weasley. People always talk about how much he sucked in the movies, but he was a loyal friend who constantly felt unworthy and unimpressive in comparison to Chosen One Harry and genius Hermione. He was an integral part of the series, and I think he showed major growth from the first movie to the last movie." —bancot

    6. Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element (1997)


    "I really don't understand why so many people believe Ruby is an over-the-top movie character. His personality is dynamic, fun, and really gives the movie the kind of comedic relief it needs — especially during intense fighting scenes. I can't imagine The Fifth Element without this character — I don't care how 'annoying' he might seem to others!" —kaylayandoli

    7. Eleanor Young from Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "Eleanor just wanted to protect her family and continue their traditions — what's so wrong with that? They were a super high-profile family, and that typically comes with certain responsibilities and sacrifices." —kirstenelysew

    8. Edmund Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

    Edmund talking to the White Witch in the carriage

    "Look, I get he was kinda annoying, but he was a 10-year-old boy who had been ripped from his parents and had been disliked by everyone — not to mention the abuse he suffered at the White Witch’s hand. He also got stabbed at the end, and that was messed up." —hksincco

    9. Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic (1997)

    Rose at the end of the movie with wet hair, exhausted
    Paramount Pictures

    "I think people hate on Rose from Titanic. To this day, people say how she was responsible for Jack's death because there was room on the board, when the weight was actually the issue. People also complain that she was being unfair to her husband when she died at the end and reunited with Jack in heaven. Why would we see Rose reunite with a man we haven't even met when Jack was the other main character? Jack was more to Rose than a fling — if it weren't for Jack, she wouldn't have met her husband." —lilqueenb19

    10. Foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

    Foxxy holding up her detective badge to Austin in his house
    New Line Cinema

    "I liked Foxxy Cleopatra from Goldmember! Beyoncé delivered hilarious one-liners, rocked amazing outfits, and sang catchy songs — I don't know why she got so much hate for taking this role. She absolutely killed it." —kaygro272

    11. Sam Carmichael from Mamma Mia! (2008)

    Sam and Donna singing with a stone pillar between them
    Universal Pictures

    "I've always felt that Sam from Mamma Mia! didn't deserve all of the singing hate he's gotten. He wasn't as polished as some of the other characters, but he also wasn't as bad as everyone made him out to be — I'd rather hear some average singing from Sam than have someone dub him." —hannanora-p

    12. Rue from The Hunger Games franchise

    Rue dying in Katniss' arms

    "Rue from The Hunger Games. Both the character and the actor were unfairly hated on, and she deserved so much better from audiences." —izzie14

    "The book described Rue as being dark-skinned, but the movie spent a lot of time describing the character as reminiscent of her sister (who was white). When a Black actor was cast, people went ape$hit." —zeilerra

    13. Angelina Johnson from the Harry Potter franchise

    Angelina reacting to Fred in the great hall
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "Angelina Johnson from Harry Potter — she had, like, five lines in total, and I’ve never heard any valid reason for people to hate her. People are just mad because she managed to pull both Fred and George." —emmasconteh

    14. Kimmy Wallace from My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

    Kimmy smiling at George in the church
    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "The movie portrayed her as being this naïve person who didn't notice her fiancé’s best friend trying to steal him away. It shouldn’t be considered dumb to fully trust your fiancé and feel secure enough in your relationship that you aren’t looking out for other women who are considered friends. I think that made Kimmy a great girlfriend, fiancé, and wife." —shannontb

    15. And Danny Zuko from Grease (1978)

    Danny in a sweater looking at Sandy at the school fair
    Paramount Pictures

    "I’ve never understood the whole 'Sandy changed for him and he didn’t even try to change for her' ordeal because if y’all remember, he tried being a jock to impress her AND at the end of the movie, before he changed into his all-black getup, he was wearing a preppy sweater with his varsity letter. So, he stuck with it to be more like Sandy, who was a preppy cheerleader. Sure he’s still a dope, but it wasn’t a complete one-way street, which is how everyone acts." —sarahglory95

    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

    Which movie character do *you* think audiences have been too hard on? Let us know in the comments below!

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