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18 Hilariously Clever Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse


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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community about the most creative way to survive a zombie apocalypse. Here are some of their awesome responses.

1. "I'd post up on a trampoline. Zombies have a hard enough time walking as it is. Let's see how tough they are when I double bounce the shit out of those fuckers."


3. "Boat. Some kind a bigger luxury yacht. Gather food and supplies (maybe some other survivors) and head out to sea. Wait for a couple of months for the zombies to fall apart. Come back and salvage civilization."


11. "Allow yourself to become a zombie, that way you don’t care at all about people you love being killed and don’t have to worry about being killed yourself."


13. "I would go to the highest building ever (which now is Burj Khalifa) and take the elevator then cut all the strings of the elevator(s). So if they want to catch me, they’ll have to take the stairs"


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