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25 Sweet Cupcake Shops Around The World To Eat At Before You Die

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite cupcake shop in the world. Here are the delicious results.


3. Kelly's Bake Shoppe — Burlington, Ontario

"They have so much flavor despite being gluten and dairy free. The perfect treat to share with anyone regardless of their dietary restrictions."

Submitted by Victoria McEwan, Facebook

5. Muddy's Bake Shop — Memphis, Tennessee

"Their best-selling cupcake is the Prozac, a chocolate on chocolate delight that melts in your mouth and tastes just like fudge. They feed the whole city's sweet tooth and bake every delight fresh every single day."

Submitted by etclark1


9. Two Little Red Hens — New York, New York

"It's a cute little place to hang out with friends and have a relaxing evening. My favorite cupcake is without a doubt the Brooklyn Blackout."

Submitted by Jessica Sweeney, Facebook


13. Charly's Bakery — Cape Town, South Africa

"They have Minster themed cupcakes, as well as great decorations. The building is pink, beautiful, and sits right in the city bowl beneath Table Mountain. I used to go before work at least once a week when I worked around the corner!"

Submitted by soo_lander


18. Sweet! by Holly — Orlando, Florida

"Hollis, the woman who owns it, won Cupcake Wars three times. They're not too sweet, they're the perfect size! Especially the Boston Cream."

Submitted by Allison Kay, Facebook


25. Magnolia Bakery — New York, New York

"Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street is insanely good. The frosting on their daily cupcakes is like nothing I've ever tasted before."

Submitted by Riley Brown, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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