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24 Sweet Cupcake Shops Around The World To Eat At Before You Die

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite cupcake shop in the world. Here are the delicious results.

1. Baked & Wired — Washington, D.C.

"Baked & Wired in Washington, D.C. is hands down the best cupcake shop. Their Texas Sheet cupcake is reminiscent of a cake my grandma used to make."

Submitted by courtneyxmas

2. Sweet Mandy B’s — Chicago, Illinois

"Everything in Sweet Many B's always looks fantastic, and seems to always have a healthy stream of customers going in and out."

Submitted by kimberlyh20

3. Cuckoo's Bakery — Edinburgh, United Kingdom

"A special mention goes to their Black Bottom cupcake and Friday cocktail specials."

Submitted by nianl

4. Muddy's Bake Shop — Memphis, Tennessee

"Their best-selling cupcake is the Prozac, a chocolate on chocolate delight that melts in your mouth and tastes just like fudge. They feed the whole city's sweet tooth and bake every delight fresh every single day."

Submitted by etclark1

5. My Delight Cupcakery — Ontario, California

"They have a cupcake that’s sprinkled with bacon and has maple syrup frosting. UNF."

Submitted by Itslizfoo

6. Cupcake Central — Melbourne, Australia

"This is the best spot in Melbourne to eat cupcakes! The Devil's Food is ridiculously delicious."

Submitted by Rachel Fitzgerald, Facebook

7. Georgetown Cupcake — Washington, D.C.

"I'd skip class once in a while just to eat the Baby Blue Chocolate cupcake."

Submitted by Lauren Ortiz, Facebook

8. Two Little Red Hens — New York, New York

"It's a cute little place to hang out with friends and have a relaxing evening. My favorite cupcake is without a doubt the Brooklyn Blackout."

Submitted by Jessica Sweeney, Facebook

9. The Hummingbird BakeryLondon

"Their Black Bottom cupcake is absolutely legendary."

Submitted by Caroline Macfarlane, Facebook

10. Nadia Cakes — Woodbury, Minnesota

"Nadia Cakes in the Twin Cities is pretty amazing."

Submitted by Eric Brandl, Facebook

11. Ten to Three Bakery — Rotterdam, Netherlands

"My all-time favorite is the Red Velvet cupcake!"

Submitted by lindio

12. Charly's Bakery — Cape Town, South Africa

"They have Minster themed cupcakes, as well as great decorations. The building is pink, beautiful, and sits right in the city bowl beneath Table Mountain. I used to go before work at least once a week when I worked around the corner!"

Submitted by soo_lander

13. The Flying Cupcake — Indianapolis, Indiana

"The Flying Cupcake's Red Velvet Elvis is unbeatable."

Submitted by kielyk2

14. Cuppin's — Lausanne, Switzerland

"Their patisseries are light, yet yummy. They have a nice selection of tea and the place is very cute too."

Submitted by John Smith, Facebook

15. Cupcake Royale — Seattle, Washington

"Cupcake Royale is a great company with great cupcakes. You can even order one in a cup of espresso!"

Submitted by Rachel Wilcock, Facebook

16. The Frosted Cupcake — St. Catharines, Ontario

"I'm a cupcake fanatic, but I do prefer the simple things in life. Their Simply Vanilla is perfection."

Submitted by aliciag418e1592f

17. Sweet! by Holly — Orlando, Florida

"Hollis, the woman who owns it, won Cupcake Wars three times. They're not too sweet, they're the perfect size! Especially the Boston Cream."

Submitted by Allison Kay, Facebook

18. Cuppacakes — Whangarei, Northland

"The Salted Caramel and Whiskey and Baileys are to die for!"

Submitted by Tash McInnes, Facebook

19. Bluebells Cakery — Hillsborough, Auckland

"They have every flavour imaginable, but their Lemon Curd is the one that destroys all others. It truly takes the cake."

Submitted by Unkovich

20. Sugar Mama's Bakeshop — Austin, Texas

"Every time I go to Austin, I pick up two dozen cupcakes and keep the leftovers in my freezer. That's got to say something!"

Submitted by katiw46dedbcaa

21. Sweet and Saucy Shop — Newport Beach, California

"The frosting isn't too sweet – it's piled high and the cupcake is always moist. They're available in both mini and full size."

Submitted by Anazsa

22. Hello Naomi — Newcastle, Australia

"Naomi makes flavors like Bubblegum, Froot Loops, Popcorn and Salted Caramel. The best cupcake is Candy, which is stuffed with lollies like a piñata."

Submitted by Jane Hollier Brown

23. J-Bird Bakery — Belfast, United Kingdom

"It's heaven manifested in cupcakes – even the pictures make my mouth water."

Submitted by therustyimp

24. Magnolia Bakery — New York, New York

"Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street is insanely good. The frosting on their daily cupcakes is like nothing I've ever tasted before."

Submitted by Riley Brown, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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