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18 Things You Can Do As A College Student But Not As An Adult

~Takes a nap literally any time I want~

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they miss the most about college. Here are the nostalgic results.

1. You can drink heavily without your body hating you for the whole week.

2. Take a nap literally any time you want because you don't have a strict schedule.

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3. Roll out of bed and wear sweatpants to class instead of a professional work outfit.

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4. Have all of your responsibilities canceled for a week because of the snow outside.

5. And spend those days playing drinking games instead of working in a cold office.

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6. Live in the same building as all of your friends and basically have fun sleepovers every night.

7. And have the luxury to pop in your friend's room without scheduling something a month in advance.

8. Skip as many classes as you want instead of showing up to your boring work place every single day.

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9. Have an entire month off for the holidays, instead of just a pathetic week.

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—Kayla Yandoli, Facebook

10. Never worry about answering the dreadful "Any job prospects?" question.


11. And feel truly optimistic and good about the job market before you graduate.

12. Hookup with baes from your dorm building or your class.

13. Rely on a fast, delicious meal plan and instead of wasting time and money to cook on your own.

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—Sheryl D Silva, Facebook

14. Drink after a morning class without judgement because it's impossible to pull that off in the office.

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—Sarah Borrego, Facebook

15. Ditch your responsibilities for five months to study abroad, instead of being stuck at a work desk.

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16. Have countless free hours during the day to do absolutely nothing, versus just having a 30 minute lunch break.

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17. Be surrounded by people your own age all of the time and not just cranky adults.

18. And, most importantly, you can go to parties on weekdays without feeling tired, instead of feeling like absolute hell after a work happy hour.

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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