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    15 Horrible Decisions Men Made In Movies That'll Probably Make Your Blood Boil

    Ally's manager from A Star is Born is straight-up EVIL.


    1. In Mean Girls, when Coach Carr had sex with not one, but TWO of his students.

    2. In Grease, when Kenickie brought a condom he got in middle school to the drive-in with Rizzo, thinking it'd actually work.

    3. And when Danny totally left Sandy high and dry at the dance to get down with his ex-girlfriend, Cha-Cha.

    4. In American Pie, when Jim, Kevin, and Finch set up a secret camera in Jim's room to spy on Nadia without her consent.

    5. In School of Rock, when Dewey got Roz drunk so he'd get her permission to take the kids on a field trip.

    6. In Elf, when Buddy snuck into the women's bathroom and creepily sang along with Jovie while she was showering.

    7. In A Star is Born, when Ally's manager disregarded Jackson's mental health and said these insensitive things to him post-rehab.

    8. In The Princess Diaries, when Josh forcefully kissed Mia in front of the paparazzi just to get his own 15 seconds of fame.

    9. In Legally Blonde, when Warner took Elle out to a super fancy restaurant, only to break up with her in a very public, humiliating way.

    10. In To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, when Peter K. admitted he knew who posted the video of him and Lara Jean kissing in the hot tub, and he didn't do a damn thing to take it down.

    11. In Aladdin, when Jafar took Jasmine captive in chains and essentially ordered her around like a slave.

    12. In Dirty Dancing, when Robbie had sex with Penny and totally ignored her existence once he learned she got pregnant.

    13. In Always Be My Maybe, when Marcus took his grief out on Sasha and insulted her in the process.

    14. In The Way We Were, when Hubbell cheated on Katie, his pregnant wife, with his old girlfriend from college.

    15. And in When Harry Met Sally, when Harry confessed to Sally the real reason he had sex with her was because he felt bad for her.