28 Times Cartoon Food Made You Hungrier Than Real Food

~Salivates from delectable animation~

1. This glorious variety of meat and fish in Spirited Away.

~Mouth waters~

2. Remy combining cheese with strawberries.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

And basically everything Remy makes in Ratatouille.

3. When Cinderella threw these little treats to Gus Gus and the gang.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via


4. The spaghetti kiss in Lady and the Tramp.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

It’s cute and all, but can I have the spaghetti string?

5. Winnie the Pooh’s ooey, gooey honey.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

6. This delicious dessert from Alice in Wonderland.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

7. And this glistening ice cream cave from Adventure Time.

Cartoon Network / Via

Ohhh myyyyy NOM.

8. The divine Krabby Patty.

9. Shaggy’s legendary stacked sandwich.

10. This steaming turkey from Tom and Jerry.

Cartoon Network / Via

11. And the Ron Stoppable Naco.

Disney Channel / Via

When taco meets nacho.

12. This beautifully joyous cake from Sailor Moon.

So pretty, so happy, so YUM.

13. The Simpsons’ legendary doughnuts.

Fox / Via

It’s raining doughnuts, hallelujah.

14. These bacon and eggs sizzling in Calcifer.

15. Ed, Edd n Eddy jawbreakers. Enough said.

Cartoon Network /

Cartoon Network /


16. This lovely stack of pancakes from The Fairly Odd Parents.

Nickelodeon / Via

17. And Princess Tiana’s gumbo.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Can I swim in that steaming pot of gumbo? Thanks.


Studio Ghibli / Via

19. And the impeccable Belcher burger.

Let the burger fall down, and wake my dreams.

20. The Crème de la Crème à la Edgar in The AristoCats.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

21. This insanely beautiful ramen meal.

Studio Ghibli / Via

Sweet salvation.

22. The green Reptar chocolate bar of your childhood dreams.

Nickelodeon / Via

Green tongues for everyone!

23. And everything in the “Be Our Guest” scene from Beauty and the Beast.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Dance to me, you delicious desserts.

24. Garfield’s hearty tray of lasagna.

25. Rafiki cracking open this fruit from the Baobab Tree.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

And how he flawlessly bites into it. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL.

26. Snoopy’s stack of dog bones from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Crunch crunch crunch.

27. When P.J. and Max eat the drippy, cheesy pizza in A Goofy Movie.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

28. And, most importantly, THE LEANING TOWER OF CHEEZA.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

The dream.

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