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    25 Cool And Useful Gadget Gifts For The Person Who Basically Has Everything

    Fun, practical, and innovative presents ya just can't go wrong with.

    While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!).

    1. A CleanKey — their new handy way to do all the public essentials without having to touch everything in their path. This'll push buttons, pull doors, touch screens, and do all the dirty work for them.

    series of photos showing the key ring CleanKey to push buttons, pull doors, and touch screens

    2. A Fujifilm Instax instant film camera so they can take retro-style pictures — of you, of course. 😎

    3. A faaaancy wine preservation system that'll allow wine snobs to pour a glass without having to remove the cork, so they can enjoy their expensive bottles over time (and not in one sitting).

    the Coravin wine preserver pouring wine into a glass

    4. And! A stainless-steel wine chiller to keep their rosé, bubbly, and wine at peak coolness — a picnic must.

    the Vinglace wine chiller with a bottle of rose inside

    5. A salt shooter so they can hunt the trickiest game out there: the pesky housefly. That...or use it to season their food in the most exciting way possible.

    Reviewer holding the salt shooter in backyard

    6. An egg bite mold attachment because they already have the Instant Pot (and talk about it constantly), now they just need some fun new gadgets for their favorite kitchen toy.

    7. A reel viewer (oh, I can feel the nostalgia now!) you can customize with THEIR OWN PHOTOS. My childhood self is screaming, and so will your childhood bestie when they see this.

    A classic reel viewer with reels featuring custom photos

    8. A handy dandy liquid plastic melding tool for fixing all those frayed cords and broken household items. Practical and cool, double win for you!

    the Bondic LED UV light used on a frayed cord to put it back together

    9. A projector here to take their weekly movie session to an entirely new level, all thanks to you. This + a mountain of blankets + popcorn = pure success.

    10. Light saber chopsticks so they always have the force with them, even when they're eating dinner.

    four chopsticks on a table that light up and look like Light Sabers from "Star Wars"

    11. A handheld milk foamer that'll give 'em cafe-quality lattes right in their kitchen. Saving money, drinking fancy, staying indoors — what is better than that??

    12. A critter catcher so they can catch bugs and other crawlies while keeping a very safe distance.

    13. An aroma diffuser that is as beautiful as it is useful, making it a great gift from you. Good job, you.

    The Hathaspace Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser in a bedroom

    14. A teensy vacuum designed to pull out all the gunk and dirt that's lurking in their pores. Give them a spa day at home, they deserve it!

    15. A handbag light so they can actually find what they're looking for in their massive Mary Poppins bag.

    the little light lit up inside a purse to show contents

    16. A Tile they attach to their belongings that they, uh, lose far too often than they'd like to admit. Where the heck did I leave my keys? I swear I left my purse right there... Yeah, no more of that when they have Tile!

    Tile attached to the zipper of a bag

    17. A snazzy Garmin fish finder for the fisherman who does *not* need another rod. This compact sleek scanner will allow them to create routes and place waypoints so they can easily return to their newfound hot spot.

    product shot of the "Garmin Striker Plus 4cv Fishfinder"

    18. A delightful AeroGarden so even anyone with a notorious black thumb can finally grow their own fresh herbs (and actually keep them alive) in the comfort of their own home. This smarty gadget waters, feeds, and emits lights on schedule so there's not forgetting to water here, folks.

    AeroGarden Bounty  model in white

    19. A phone light featuring three light intensity settings for taking their selfie game to the next level. You know, the important things.

    20. A Waterpik water flosser to leave their pearly whites squeaky clean and get in those hard to reach places. More practical gifts, please!

    Waterpik flosser sitting on sink counter

    21. A Foreo facial cleansing brush to thoroughly wash the makeup and dirt off their face, while gently exfoliating skin and leaving it smooth and soft. It's basically like a fancy facial at home, and that sounds like a great gift to me.

    22. A Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS running watch that'll help them keep track of their fitness progress so they'll be motivated to hit 👏 those 👏 goals 👏. It's easy to use, and can track their steps, calories, and intensity minutes, making it perfect for beginner runners.

    closeup of person's wrist wearing the Garmin watch

    23. A set of in-sync lamps they simply touch to light up when they're really missing their person (you). After they turn theirs on, yours will light up and you'll know they're thinking of you.

    24. A mini beauty fridge so their toners, serums, and jade rollers stay cool and fresh — they feel much better that way, anyway! The beauty fanatic in your life could not love you more.

    the mini fridge open with tons of beauty products inside on the shelf

    25. A smart photo frame that cycles through a gallery of photos — perfect for anyone with way too many pictures to frame them all.

    the smart frame displayed on dresser

    Look at you, the world's best gift giver.

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