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    30 Of The Best Bath Mats You Can Get On Amazon

    We went on a hunt for the softest and safest bath mats that Amazon has to offer.

    1. A shaggy chenille bath mat that's extra soft and absorbent — basically, it's hard to go wrong with this highly-rated option.

    2. A soft memory foam bath mat for your feet to cozily sink into.

    reviewer photo of the bath mat in gray in front of a shower

    3. A quick-drying towel-like bath mat that'll make your bathroom feel like a luxurious hotel. It's 100% cotton and free from synthetic elements and harmful chemicals.

    4. A microfiber bath mat for adding some color and some nice fluff to your floor.

    5. A velvet memory foam bath mat with a natural latex backing that'll feel like a fluffy cloud under your toes. The microfiber material is absorbent and machine-washable.

    6. A fluffy gradient bath mat with a glamorous look and an ultra heavy-density microfiber that'll surely give your bathroom a classy upgrade.

    product image of someone putting their feet on a black and white gradient bathmat in front of a shower

    7. A velvety memory foam bath mat runner with a rubber back to give your feet a soothing resting place as you get in and out of the tub.

    reviewer photo of the bath mat in gray in front of a bathtub

    8. A striped microfiber bath rug that'll add a fun pop of color to your bathroom floor.

    9. An indoor/outdoor bamboo shower mat, because it's sturdy, water-resistant, easy to clean, and can function in pretty much any space you need it to.

    reviewer photo of the bamboo bath mat in front of a bath tub with a bamboo tray on it

    10. An ultra absorbent, modern chic bathroom mat that's nice enough to use in your bathroom, at your entry way, or pretty much anywhere in the house.

    lifestyle image of someone stepping on the bath mat in blue

    11. A ribbed texture bath mat made of 100% combed cotton that's simple, yet easy to care for and available in tons of fun colors.

    product image of the bath mat in pink

    12. A microfiber bath mat with ombré stripes of varying heights that'll will stay in place and add a stylish touch to the room.

    13. A cobblestone-inspired memory foam bath mat made of polyester to help keep you safe every time you step out of the shower.

    14. A thick and shaggy bath mat runner that will liven up your space and feel amazing under your toes.

    15. A no-slip suction cup bath mat specifically designed for little ones so they can stay safe and be comfortable during bath time.

    16. A beautiful velveteen marble bath mat you can use as an artistic and fashion-forward accent to your bathroom.

    lifestyle photo of the bath mat in front of a bathtub

    17. A multifunctional bamboo floor mat that can add a nice natural look to your bathroom, but can also be used in a kitchen, entryway, or any room you desire.

    18. A lightweight floral bath mat made of Turkish cotton for a pretty touch to add to your bathroom.

    lifestyle image of three stacked bath mats in pink, white, and tan

    19. An adorable puppy bath mat to greet you every time you walk in. It's perfect for any dog lover or pup parent.

    20. A foldable waterproof bamboo bath mat with a non-slip fabric rug underside for stability that's convenient to care for and would complement any kind of decor.

    21. A chevron bath mat to add a fun print and some texture to your bathroom, no matter how big or small it is.

    22. A vibrant chenille bath mat sure to spark joy in your bathroom and stop the water from spreading all over the floor.

    23. And a non-slip pebble bath mat with suctions and drain holes that'll effortlessly spruce up your bathroom or shower floor.

    24. An adorable, fuzzy egg bath mat with anti-skid backing that's bound to make your day a little more sunny-side-up.

    25. A cushioned bath mat designed with over 700 air-filled pockets to cradle your feet while you stand in the shower.

    26. A duck bath mat your child can waddle on to without worry of slipping. The anti-skid material will help keep your kid in place as they splash around with their rubber duckies.

    27. A peach bath mat made with an absorbent polyester, so you can feel "peachy clean" even as you step out of the shower.

    28. A bath mat for when it's time to "get naked" and shower after a long day at work. The microfiber material offers a soft cushiony feel for your feet so you can further unwind after work.

    Reviewer image of black and white bath mat in front of shower that says "get naked"

    29. A round, cotton, and reversible bath mat that can function as both a fun accent in your bathroom, as well as a way for your floor to *not* become a slip n' slide. 

    reviewer photo of their legs and feet standing on the round blue bath mat
    reviewer photo of the round blue bath mat in their bathroom

    Promising review: "Perfect fit for a small half bath. I’d been searching for something to fit the bathroom for two years. This fit the bill. I got the white so it is easy to clean and bleach." –Anewday

    Price: $24.99+ (available in two shapes and six designs).

    30. A little leaf bath mat made from plushy and absorbent microfiber with an anti-slip rubber base, so the only thing you'll have to have to worry about is which adorable color would look best in your bathroom.

    a green leaf bath mat on a tile floor

    Promising review: "I have a narrow bathroom so I knew a rectangle or square shaped rug just wouldn't fit. This worked perfect and it is so cute and soft! It's been washed once so far and has held up great." –Rachel

    Price: $18.99 (available in four colors). 

    Now you'll never have to worry about falling into the tub Lizzie McGuire–style.

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