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30 Things For Your Dorm Room No One Else Will Have

Warning: you may never be able to get your friends to leave.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A gorgeous world map that lets you scratch off the places you've been (in other words, it's the perfect way to humblebrag about your semester abroad).

2. A retro turntable with a 2018 twist — it's got built-in bluetooth speakers.

3. Linkee, an awesome trivia game you can play with your entire floor.

4. A microwave popcorn popper that's healthier (and more cost-effective) than those greasy bags. And the second people smell it popping, you'll instantly become the most popular person in the dorm.

5. A set of string lights so you can customize your space with a little extra sparkle. This set comes on copper wire that you can twist every which way to create truly unique decor.

6. An eccentric rug that promised your mom it would keep an eye on you while you're away from home.

7. A 12-sided fidget cube to occupy your restless hands while you're watching Netflix, studying, or trying to figure out a thesis for your sociology essay.

8. An initial-shaped photo collage that'll put your roommate's basic corkboard display to shame.

9. A handy Harry Potter lap desk to make you feel like you're doing homework for Charms or Care of Magical Creatures, not calculus.

10. A set of seven funky, round mirrors that you can ask, "who has the coolest room of them all?"

11. A whimsical menagerie of planters and some adorable mini succulents to put in them.

12. A classic trunk that can serve double duty as storage and a side table (while further adding to that Hogwarts dormitory feel).

13. A glam pillowcase covered in reversible sequins to ensure you never get bored with your bedding.

14. A mini fridge that doubles as a dry erase board so you can leave yourself important reminders. For example, that you need to go to the store because you're — *gasp* — out of snacks.

15. A neon peace sign lamp to remind you to chill out, dude.

16. A sweet little elephant friend who'll never forget to keep all your desk knickknacks tidy. He's happy to hold your phone while you FaceTime your fam, too.

17. Aww-worthy rubber kitty coasters, because living in a dorm doesn't mean you should just set your solo cup straight onto your desk like a slob.

18. A subscription to Kites & Ivy, which'll deliver a box of feel-good products twice per semester.

19. A custom pet pillow to help you miss your furry friend a little less while you're away.

20. A microwave s'more maker, which you probably shouldn't get if you don't want to be the most popular person on the floor.

21. A sassy collapsible hamper that'll remind you to do your damn laundry.

22. Charming bookends depicting a dino who seems to be headed on a vacation, but is happy to support your textbooks nonetheless.

23. A pair of humane catch-and-release mouse traps so you can (politely) send pests packing.

24. A too-cute pillow of your fave food for when you miss your mom's cooking or your go-to takeout place back home.

25. A mini cactus humidifier that'll banish stuffy, dry dorm air and look cute to boot.

26. A fun mini vacuum, because although snacking in bed or at your desk is a key element of college life, you should still give a hoot about crumbs.

27. A sweet jewelry holder that'll do a meow-velous job of keeping your gems organized, even in a tiny dorm dresser.

28. A cozy fleece throw blanket for people who are majoring in naps.

29. And a giant pouf chair sure to be the star of your common room (and the entire dorm, tbh).

Honestly, Elle Woods' dorm room is gonna have nothing on yours.

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