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    24 Pairs Of Shoes You'll Really And Truly Wear All The Time

    Finding a new fave pair of shoes is no small ~feet~.

    1. Chelsea rain booties so sleek and practical, you'll probably even wear them when it's not raining.

    2. A cute and comfy pair of ankle strap flats with over 1,700 positive reviews (!!!!) and a price tag that'll make you say "heck yes" even if you're strapped for cash.

    3. Classic oxfords in a bold hue that'll make even the most basic jeans and a tee suddenly unboring.

    4. Sturdy stacked heel cutout booties you can rock with tights, socks, or bare feet, so they work for all seasons. Buying shoes you can only wear for a few months a year? Cut 👏 it 👏out.

    5. Possibly perfect pumps with memory foam insoles so comfy, you might actually rather wear them than your fave flats or sneaks. Catch me wearing heels to the drugstore with my sweats!

    6. Heeled loafers that are perfect for work or weekends and anyone who wants the Gucci vibe without the Gucci price tag.

    7. Fleece-lined combat boots with thick, grippy soles so you can actually wear cute shoes when it's snowing for once in your damn life.

    8. Soft Mary Jane flats so affordable and adorable, they'll have you feeling happier than the other kind of Mary Jane.

    9. White combat cuties that look like your favorite boots and your favorite sneakers had a glorious, trendy love child.

    10. Super chic kitten heel booties you can rock with anything from jeans to party dresses.

    11. Patent Converse that are a major upgrade from the Chuck Taylors you've had since eighth grade.

    12. Wide-fit leopard print ankle booties because it's almost 2019 and it's time to finally recognize leopard print as the neutral that it is, dammit!!!!!!

    13. Wedge desert booties that won't desert you in your sartorial time of need.

    14. Classic ankle booties with the tiniest of heels, because they were made for walking (with style) and that's just what they'll do.

    15. Chunky hiking boots that are also chic enough for the urban jungle.

    16. Glam glitter sneakers to make every single day feel festive.

    17. A meow-velous pair that aren't regular flats, they're kitty flats, and therefore far superior.

    18. Quilted riding boots with a cozy, fuzzy lining that just might mean the end of your (e)quest(rian) to find your sole mate.

    19. Rope-detail dress sandals that are a little bit clingy, tbh. They want to go everywhere with you, but luckily they work perfectly for everything from work to a party to a warm-weather vacay.

    20. Sleek mules, which, despite their name, won't be stubborn to walk in.

    21. Ankle strap heels with cool zippers that are only one of their major tas-selling points – they're also comfy and just as dressy as stilettos without the wobble factor!

    22. Snake-embossed loafers that might just become your favorite shoes in hissssss-tory.

    23. Metallic platform brogues to add height and shine to any ensemble.

    24. Colorblocked mixed-material sneakers that look super cool and athletic, but you're def allowed to wear them if you get out of breath just walking from the food court to the shoe store at the mall.

    When you find shoes that fit so perfectly it feels like they were made for you:

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