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    32 Pairs Of Inexpensive Shoes You'll Actually Want To Wear

    Things I love: SHOES. Things I love even more than shoes: AFFORDABLE shoes that cost less than $50.

    1. Classic ballerina flats that inspire their wearers to randomly burst out into "Swan Lake" choreography.

    2. Ankle booties known for being very ~go with the flow~. You can wear them with literally anything and they won't mind.

    3. Classic pumps designed with a memory midsole AKA not only do they LOOK great, but they also FEEL great.

    4. Side-tied booties created from sugar, spice, and everything nice. These shoes are like the Powerpuff Girls in fashion form.

    5. Over-the-knee heeled boots with the power to turn you into a full-time Instagram influencer. You fashion blogger, you!

    6. Waterproof rain boots that will have you looking up at the sky and begging for rain. You'll wish for rain every day so you can wear these every day, you know?

    7. Suede slingbacks you'll want to slingshot right into your shopping cart. Gorgeous and deeply discounted? HALLELUJAH.

    8. Slip-on sneakers currently driving high heels into extinction, thanks to their platform soles. Added height without added pain? It's a miracle.

    9. Faux suede thigh-high boots to trick everyone into thinking that you're the trendiest person in the whole darn world. Anna Wintour, who?

    10. Chunky ankle boots for anyone trying to channel their inner Lara Jean. These look like they just walked off the set of To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

    11. White lace-up sneakers that are the kind of kicks you'll feel inclined to wear every darn day. These, my friends, are what we call an essential shoe.

    12. Black booties commonly referred to as "basic," which isn't fair. These shoes hate pumpkin spice lattes! They prefer winter to fall!

    13. Over-the-knee boots you might be tempted to wear every single day. Should you? Absolutely. It's your life. Live your truth.

    14. Faux leather block heels to give you some height without all of the tortuous, unnecessary pain. Block heels = the comfiest kinds of heels.

    15. Knit sneakers perfect for pretty much any task on your checklist, from going on a lunch date to running to the grocery store and grabbing yet another tub of cold brew.

    16. Combat boots lined with faux fur to keep your toes extremely cozy. And another very important detail? THESE HAVE A SECRET POCKET ergo they will be able to hold all of your secrets.

    17. Studded combat boots currently trying to join a motorcycle gang. I'm not sure why, but good for them! I hope their dreams come true.

    18. Moccasin slippers featuring a foam-cushion insole and shearling lining that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

    19. Lace-up sock boots so gorgeous, I can actually feel the drool forming in my mouth right now.

    20. Lace-up sneakers available in a gorgeous leopard print sure to have you ~feline~ yourself every time you wear 'em.

    21. Ankle boots with elastic side panels to give your wardrobe a touch of spring — even though it's dreary outside and there is not a blooming flower in sight. THEY'LL BE BACK SOON, I promise.

    22. Wedge booties that have been sent from heaven to help people who are on their feet all day long. These won't make your feet ache at all. Not one bit.

    23. Heeled sandals capable of matching whatever fancy dress you have to wear within the next, oh I don't know, century.

    24. Lace flats that have the same elegance as a high heel. Without the actual high heel part, of course.

    25. Suede peep toe booties you can pair with your favorite jeans, your favorite skirt, your favorite dress, your favorite shorts, your favorite pajamas pants, and so on.

    26. Double buckle boots perfect for that next Friday night dinner date you have planned. These will make you look put together with absolutely no effort necessary!

    27. Leather slip-on mules that are the kind of shoes you would want to wear to while sipping coffee and reading poetry. In other words, these things exude sophistication.

    28. Ankle boots featuring studded buckle-straps, side zip-closures, buckled heels, and a healthy dose of STYLE.

    29. Ankle strap heels available in 15 colors — and they're so budget-friendly, you'll probably have to force yourself to NOT buy them all. It's a hard life.

    30. Knee high boots you can pair with a sweater dress for an outfit that is both comfy and ridiculously cute. BRING ON THE COMPLIMENTS, am I right?

    31. Little black pointed toe pumps that will pair perfectly with your little black dress + and whatever other dress is buried next to the skeletons in your closet.

    32. Velvet lace-up sneakers for anyone looking for a comfy shoe with a stylish twist. Velvet? On sneakers? Now THIS is a YouTube channel I would actually subscribe to.

    My reaction to someone telling me that I have too many shoes, below.

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