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    Just 29 Of The Cutest Gifts Of 2019

    Gifts sure to leave them in ~awwwww~.

    1. A pack of pastel kitty pens that are super affordable AND adorable — they have freakin' tails on the caps, people!!!

    2. A set of stationery so aww-worthy, they almost won't even want to use it. But they totally should, since these clever cuties combine form and function — they're paper and an envelope all in one!

    3. A truly unique necklace that may make them cry actual tears of joy — it's custom-carved into the shape of one of their child's drawings, or even one of their own doodles.

    4. A sweet PJ set you shouldn't ~sleep~ on as a fun-yet-practical gift idea.

    5. A delighful dancing Groot Funko bobblehead ready to guard their desk as well as the rest of the galaxy.

    6. A pretty pastel mug featuring a sweet little friend who can't wait to surprise them when they finish their beverage.

    7. A super cool pretend cookie decorating kit from Tasty's new line with Little Tikes for the kiddo in your life. All they have to do is pop the adorable emoji face cookies in cold water and watch them change color (because everyone knows that, besides eating them, decorating is the best part of making cookies)!

    8. Or, for adults who also like to have fun in the kitchen, The BuzzFeed Tasty by Wilton Succulent Garden Cookie Kit so they can create a whimsical (and yummy) plant-inspired dessert even if they aren't particularly skilled at baking or keeping plants alive.

    9. Some silicone kitty face coasters that may be the only cats they'll ever own who actually help maintain their furniture instead of destroying it.

    10. Quirky, detailed plush animal slippers available in basically every critter you can imagine, not just basic bunnies — I'm talking everything from giraffes to blue tang fish to platypuses.

    11. A presh Pusheen wristlet who's almost pusheen the limits of how much cuteness I can handle before I literally explode.

    12. Or a fuzzy Pusheen stocking you can fill with even more adorable gifts, because you know what they say — good things come in cute packages.

    13. Vouchers for Lovers, an aww-worthy booklet of (mostly) PG-rated coupons your partner can redeem whenever they want, so it's truly a gift that keeps on giving.

    14. A squee-worthy top hat so their doggo can look dapper at Christmas dinner.

    15. A chic as heck tweed crossbody that's anything but boring thanks to a bejeweled fox face friend.

    16. Rainbow unicorn makeup brushes complete with a fun case that just might demonstrate the single best use of horns since the opening bars of "Run Away With Me."

    17. A set of adorbs owl planters to show them you give a hoot about their horticultural endeavors.

    18. A glam-as-heck llama enamel pin who is a big mood.

    19. A subscription to Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Club, one of the most affordable (and adorable) subscription services around. Each month, they'll get a huge selection of the brand's iconic stickers, including new releases and archived designs!

    20. A vibrating sloth reading pillow for anyone who has ever dreamed of getting a massage from a sloth. So...everyone?

    21. Wooden pizza earrings to gift to your #1 homeslice.

    22. A set of Gudetama the lazy egg ankle socks I'm sure you'll be tempted to keep for yourself, but you aren't that shell-fish.

    23. An unbelievably adorable Squirtle Funko Pop! figure, because honestly, without this dude, how will they cut it as a Pokémon trainer?

    24. A glam sequined narwhal sweater, if sea unicorns are more their thing.

    25. An absolutely OMG-worthy animated hat you shouldn't give them unless you're prepared to get an earful about how you're basically the best gift giver ever.

    26. An Axol the axolotl plush made from sustainable materials for an amazingly quirky gift that gives back.

    27. An gorgeous gift set of 14 of Tarte's H2O lipgloss shades in a sweet sea turtle box that's totally worth shelling out for, especially since it's a nod to the cruelty-free, cult-fave brand's sustainability efforts.

    28. BuzzFeed's The Good Advice Cupcake 2020 calendar to provide them with 12 months full of cheeky cupcake wisdom and encouragement.

    29. Or a comfy crewneck sweatshirt featuring Cuppy's most crucial piece of advice.

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