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    Tasty By Wilton's New Dessert Kits Will Help You Make Pinterest-Worthy Sweet Treats At Home

    Hello? Bake Off casting directors? I'm ready.

    Be honest — we've all tried to tackle a new creative hobby, only to create something that belongs in the Pinterest fail hall of fame. And most often, this happens in the kitchen —specifically when we try our hands at some kind of adorable dessert that we saw on social media but that seems like it requires some sort of sorcery to actually create IRL.

    If that situation sounds familiar, you'll probably be very excited to hear about Tasty and Wilton's new dessert activity kits!!! Each one comes with all the tools you'll need, a simple instruction card, and access to instructional videos to walk you through the process of making an adorable treat.

    Let's start with the 101 kits. First up, the Buttercream Icing 101 kit, which'll allow you to decorate cakes and cupcakes so well they'll look store bought — or better. You can also use the kit to make scrum-diddly-umptious cupcake filling!!!

    Next up is the Candy Making 101 kit, so you can concoct colorful candy bars that'll put Mr. Wonka to shame in your very own kitchen — no chocolate factory required.

    The Royal Icing 101 kit will teach you how to make and use decorative icing to create desserts fit for a queen. Royal icing is a kind of icing you often see on sugar cookies and that can be used to make all kinds of cool decorations — who knew?

    Then there's the Fondant 101 kit, which shows you all kinds of ways to use what is basically the modeling clay of the baking world to customize your desserts. It even includes instructions on how to do a Lourve-worthy watercolor design with food dye!

    You can watch all the 101 kits in action in this video:

    View this video on YouTube

    What about the two ADORBS project kits, you ask?? Well, if you 1) are a coffee addict and 2) have ever wished there was a version of a gingerbread house that was appropriate year-round, then the Coffee Shop Cookie Kit is for you. It's got all the supplies you need to make a cookie coffee house, plus mug-shaped cookies you can customize with foam — er, frosting — art.

    And finally, the OMG-worthy Succulent Garden Cookie Kit so you can take your plant mom pride to a new level — or at least become better at molding fondant than you are at keeping an actual plant alive.

    And, in case you had any doubts, the Tasty team had a ton of fun trying out the succulent kit:

    View this video on YouTube

    Check out all the kits for delivery from Wilton or in-store pickup from Walmart.

    You with the help of these fun kits:

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