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23 Incredibly Cute Things From Queer-Owned Businesses You'll Want In Your Life ASAP

Supporting LGBTQ-owned businesses + adding more cuteness to your life = the ultimate win-win.

While BuzzFeed celebrates Pride Month, we also believe in highlighting the contributions from the LGBTQIA+ community year-round. Please enjoy this Pride-themed product post from BuzzFeed Shopping, the proud queer entrepreneurs who create these great products and services, and know that you can enjoy these businesses well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

1. Totally sweet gummy bear earrings that'll serve as perfect ear candy, even if your orthodonture prevents you from enjoying the real thing (I feel you).

The gummy bear-shaped drop earrings in pink, purple, and orange

They're from a Black-owned, LA-based shop that specializes in fun and quirky earrings!

Get them from InsomniaCraftShop on Etsy for $6 (available in nine colors).

2. A huge mood of a T-shirt starring a very sweet kitty who, like you, also feels the urge to hurl their laptop out the window at least once a week. 

gray short sleeve tee with a white graphic of a cat with a tear on its face in front of a laptop showing inbox infinity and the text

This artist makes some of the absolute cutest things EVER, from tees to keyrings to pins to stickers.

Get it from Crowlines for $30 (available in unisex sizes S–5XL).

3. A pretty pastel "mental health matters" mug with an important message and the cutest brain I've ever seen (and I didn't even know it was possible to make brains cute).

model holding white mug with pastel writing and an illustration of a brain with a heart bandage on it

This Minnesota-based shop is full of cute, irreverent, and social justice-inspired goodies.

Get it from BitchinDesignCo on Etsy for $13.59.

4. The cutest idea for a pop-culture candle set I can possibly imagine, inspired by the century's greatest (fictional) girl group. "Dynamos! Dynamites! Sleep all day, and wapoo all night!"

the blue candles with each lady's name and scent written on them in Mamma Mia-inspired font
Bijou Candles

Each votive is inspired by a different dynamic Dynamo lady: Donna's smells like sea salt and pink sand, Rosie's like rose honey and filo, and Tanya's like Aegean lemon zest. Mamma mia, lay all these scents on me.

Promising review: "I’m obsessed with the Dynamo collection, just like every other collection I’ve bought from Bijou! My favorite one is Rosie but they’re all amazing. They burn cleanly and last forever. The smells are very strong but not overpowering. Love!!" —Lauren Dunn

Get a set of three from Bijou Candles for $72.

5. An aww-dorable Eeveelution pride pin flying your flag in the cutest way possible and that you'll want to wear on your jacket or backpack 24/7/365, long after Pride Month is over.

6. A pack of fun and random stickers featuring everything from cat butts to anthropomorphic waffles that'll make your water bottle or laptop instantly unboring.

five stickers: a smiling waffle covered in syrup, a corgi wearing sunglasses on a skateboard, a cat butt sticking out of a box, block letters reading

This woman-owned biz makes truly awesome and adorable stationery and paper goods!

Get a set of five from FreePeriodPress on Etsy for $10.

7. A positively OMG-worthy office supply plush with the ~write~ stuff for it to be adored by kids and adults alike. How cute would one of these bbs look chilling on your desk???

plush pencil with happy face and feet
red plush notebook with happy face and feet

This woman-owned, Queens-based gift shop has everything from cute finds for kids to beauty and wellness goodies to stationery and paper goods!

Get it from Lockwood for $17.95+ (available in six styles).

8. A quirky patterned tee featuring smooching frogs (!!!!) and other woodland delights in a fabulous lesbian pride color scheme.

model wearing the orange and hot pink tee with frogs, flowers, leaves, and mushrooms
Delphi Strawberry Service

Delphi Strawberry Service is a T-shirt company started by one of my fave Instagram cosplay couples, originally focusing on making awesome Percy Jackson merch. Now, they've branched out to other fandoms and this adorable Pride collection (shop tees inspired by other pride color schemes here).

Get it from Delphi Strawberry Service for $30 (available in unisex sizes S-3XL and in two weights).

9. A squee-worthy kiwi enamel pin for fans of both the bird and the fruit.

pin of a kiwi bird with a slice showing the inside is kiwi fruit

Get it from Crowlines for $12.

10. A sweet bi pride cactus tee you'll ~prick~ out of your drawer and toss on at least once a week — it's that cute and comfy.

the peach tee with graphic of pink, purple, and blue cactuses

Get it from DeerQueer on Etsy for $23.43+ (available in unisex sizes XS–3XL and in crew or V-neck, and also in toddler sizes or on a baby onesie).

11. A thickening and lengthening mascara that is made with conditioning argan oil and vitamin E and comes in the most adorable packaging — the sparkles on the cap basically make you look like a cartoon character batting their eyes as you apply your makeup.

model applying mascara with blue wand handle/cap decorated with white stars and sparkle shapes

12. A handmade clay pastel rainbow brooch to make your jean jacket approximately a zillion times more adorable (and Pride-event-ready) in seconds flat.

the pastel pink, orange, yellow, blue, and white pin on a pink jean jacket
Common Dear

This small biz — which in addition to being queer-owned, is woman- and family-owned — is a great destination for fun and whimsical gifts.

Get it from Common Dear for $14.

13. An exceedingly relatable angry uterus sticker you might want to buy in multiples and stick on egg-rything you own.

small frowny face uterus sticker on a phone case

Promising review: "I’ve literally never been happier about stickers before in my life!!! Ridculously good quality and just well worth buying. 10/10 recommend!!!" —chyannebenton

Get it from BitchinDesignCo on Etsy for $2.70+ (available in four sizes and in glossy or matte).

14. An adorable and LOL-worthy greeting card the recipient will actually save and hang on their wall — not just recycle after about a month.

card that reads
card that reads

It's from Feelmore, a Black-owned, Oakland-based business that actually specializes in sex toys — but these cards (ranging from G- to X-rated) are sure to bring the recipient a different (but still excellent) type of pleasure.

Get it from Feelmore for $5.25 (available in 18 messages).

15. A gorgeous, handmade, sunrise-inspired shelf that'll bring a smile to your face every morning when you get up and grab your essentials off of it.

the pink and purple wood shelf shaped like clouds and the sun

This Northampton, Massachusetts-based, family-owned business makes wood and metal accessories that are seriously swoon-worthy.

Get it from WildFancyDesign on Etsy for $42 (available in two colors and also in a planter shelf version here).

16. A cheerful sticker perfect for your outdoorsy spirit and for upgrading your go-to hiking water bottle.

green sticker featuring a smiley mountain range and the words

Promising review: "Super cute and amazing quality, good thickness!" —Mia

Get a set of five from FreePeriodPress on Etsy for $3.50.

17. Absolutely incredible Flamin' Hot Cheetos earrings to pay homage to the one snack you truly cannot be without.

the earrings shaped like cheeto bags
model wearing the earrings

Promising review: "So freaking cool!!! I bought these for my best friend for Christmas but now I’m debating keeping them for myself. 😂 Thank you for packing them so cutely and safely and for the stickers! They’re so cute and fun!" —aj aspuria

Get them from InsomniaCraftShop on Etsy for $11.

18. A melty summer sun face hat that perfectly captures how you've felt after multiple weekends on end of 90+ degree weather — and it's not even July yet.

navy cap with melting yellow face wearing sunglasses and a displeased expression

It's from a woman-owned business that's not only Cuba's first sustainable, independent fashion brand, but also the first Cuban brand to sell online internationally! Their streetwear and accessories are all sure to score you compliments.

Get it from Clandestina for $32.