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    19 Fashion Brands To Follow For Trans/Gender Nonconforming Folks

    Trans- and queer-run fashion brands, Etsy shops, and lots of gender-neutral clothing lines you'll adore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. gc2b is a trans-led company offering binders, clothing, and accessories.


    gc2b is a trans-owned company based in Maryland that provides accessible, comfortable, and safe binding options designed by trans people, for trans people. They also offer pride products, apparel, and all sorts of goodies that give back to the community.

    Promising review: "This was my first binder and I frickin' love it. I’m nonbinary and I have top dysphoria so I decided to get a binder. Considering it literally squishes your chest down to nothing, I thought it would be very uncomfortable but I was wrong. It’s very comfy and I will definitely be buying from gc2b again." —Jupiter

    Featured Products: trans pride half binder ($40, available in sizes XS-5XL) and the nude binder collection ($33+, available in sizes XS-5XL, five shades, and full and half sizes)

    2. Hope And Harmony is a queer-run Etsy shop. They have all your graphic tee needs covered and then some.

    a white t-shirt that says "transfolk" in the center in black lettering with hearts and leaves around the words
    Hope and Harmony

    Hope and Harmony is an LGBTQIA+-run Etsy shop that makes super soft sweaters and trans-affirming tees. A portion of the proceeds from this shirt goes towards The Trevor Project.

    Featured product: the transfolk t-shirt ($23.50, available in sizes S-3XL).

    3. WIldfang has everything from durable, sustainable workwear to cute button-ups and handbags — and all their sizing is gender neutral!


    Wildfang is a queer-owned, trans-inclusive brand with gender-neutral sizing, durable workwear, fashionable blazers, comfy button-ups and cute accessories.

    Featured products: Workwear coveralls ($188, available in sizes XS-XXL) and holographic-tote ($15)

    4. Super Fit Hero is a body-positive and size-inclusive activewear brand where you can get high-quality leggings (with pockets), sports bras, and other items.

    a model wearing a pair of gray capri leggings with pockets
    Super Fit Hero

    Super Fit Hero is a body-positive company that makes size-inclusive, gender neutral activewear (that's been tested by athletes from sizes XS–5X). All of their products are ethically made in Los Angeles.

    Featured Product: the metal capri leggings ($88, available in sizes L-7XL, leggings have full-size pockets on both sides)

    5. A Tribe Called Queer is an LA-based clothing company with some of the best tees around.

    A Tribe Called Queer

    A Tribe Called Queer was created by Sabine Maxine. They offer a line of everyday T-shirts with important messages centering the trans Black Queer community and movement. A portion of proceeds from their sales go directly to organizations such as Black Lives Matter and ProjectQ, which provides services and resources to homeless LGBTQIA+ youth.

    Featured products: trans riot shirt ($35 available in sizes S-5X) and Black Is Beautiful Shirt (available in sizes S-2XL)

    6. Kindom has a gender-free collection and many covertible clothing items.


    Kindom is a fashion brand offering clothing made with natural, reclaimed, recycled, and indigenous fabrics such as organic cotton, rPET textiles, and reclaimed deadstock. They have a gender-free collection, have convertible clothing, and work with fair-trade suppliers.

    Featured Product: the Jasmine shirt dress ($134, available in sizes XS-XXL, can be worn as a long-sleeve shirt dress, a short-sleeve shirt dress, and as a long- or short-sleeve cropped shirt)

    7. The Queerest Gear belongs on everyone's shopping list for this Frog and Toad are gay shirt and other LGBTQ aparel.

    a model wearing the tan shirt that reads "Frog and Toad are gay" with a heart-shaped image of Frog and Toad in the center
    The Queerest Gear / Via Etsy

    The Queerest Gear is an LGBTQ-run Etsy shop that sells apparel and accessories.

    Promising review (for the shirt): "Love the shirt! Fits well and the graphic is awesome!" —Jack

    Featured product: Frog and Toad are Gay shirt ($25, available in sizes S-4X)

    8. Decolonizing Fitness is a Black trans-owned business with all the tanks and shirt you need for workouts.

    Decolonizing fitness

    Decolonizing Fitness is a Black trans-owned business offering activewear, affirming and accessible services, webinars, and fitness (and virtual) personal training classes in support of trans and gender diverse people.

    Featured products: the Decolonizing Fitness muscle tank ($25, available in sizes XS-4X) and fitness for all bodies baseball shirt ($35, available in sizes XS-3XL)

    9. Leolines is an Etsy shop that makes compression underwear designed for trans folks who tuck, gender-affirming sports, bras, and really cute swimsuits!

    a pair of pastel print underwear
    LeoLines / Via Etsy

    LeoLines is an Etsy shop that offers underwear, bathing suits, chest-enhancing sports bras, and binders for trans folks.

    Promising review (for the underwear): "I am just overcome with emotion about how well these fit and that they do what is advertised. I will be making many more purchases." —Kaylee

    Featured product: the pastel underwear ($55.35+, available in child and adult sizes AXL-C2 and in multiple styles, and eight colors)

    10. Lonely Kids Club has lots of gender-neutral flannels, leggings, tees with hand-drawn designs, and more wardrobe gems!

    Lonely Kids Club

    All of their products are ethically made to the highest quality, and many of their items are hand-printed.

    Promising review (for the flannel): "They say you only need roughly a total of 30 staple items in your wardrobe and they will cover you for every occasion. This flannel is like having all 30 items in one. Lounging around the house? Perfect. It's incredibly comfortable and warm. Meeting a friend for coffee? Maybe tie it in a chic knot in front. On a date? Wear it like a cape. Black tie event? Dress it up with a nice bow-tie. Featuring in a period drama? Fashion it into a Jacobean ruff. You are limited only by your imagination." —Natasha S

    Featured Products: the Bandaid Flannel ($69, available in sizes S-2XL), Ice Cream Leggings ($15, available in sizes S-XL), and Do It Tomorrow Button Down ($69, available in sizes S-XL)

    11. Bye Gender gives back to the trans community and makes trans-affirming clothing you'll adore.

    a model wearing the muscle tank that says "trans in beautiful" in gold lettering
    Bye Gender

    Bye Gender is a community-based organization, whose mission is to help trans individuals access the funding they need to survive. Bye Gender was originally founded by Jason Hill and Samuel Leon to fundraise for life-saving transgender surgeries. The funds they raise also provide financial assistance to anyone who desires a name/gender marker change on their passport. They have a clothing line and they offer donated binders and menstrual cups.

    Featured products: the Trans is Beautiful tank ($25, available in sizes XS-3XL)

    12. Megemiko is a queer-run Etsy shop with you know, every super soft sweater one could ever need to build cozy looks!

    megemiko / Via Etsy

    Promising review (for the they/them sweater): "Bought this as a gift for my sibling-in-law and I just wanna hand it over NOW! It’s so soft and the pastels in the lettering look so lovely against the grey, and The Okra Project is such an amazing nonprofit. Meg was amazingly kind throughout the process and even threw in some freebie stickers with another part of my order!" —Zoe Hovland

    Featured products: the they/them sweater ($35, available in sizes S-5X and eight colors) and the Protect trans kids sweater ($28, available in sizes S-5X and eight colors). 50% of the proceeds from these products are donated to The Okra Project.

    13. Riot Cakes is a shop on Redbubble with adorable nonbinary pride sweaters and more.

    a model wearing the dark gray sweatshirt with a sloth wearing a nonbinary pride flag as a cape in the center
    Riot Cakes / Via Redbubble

    Promising review (for the sweater): "As advertised — it's a great print, true to size (if you want roomy, size up), shipped quickly, and it washes well. I will def order again!" —Marieke D.

    Featured product: nonbinary pride sloth sweater ($36.30, available in sizes XS-3XL and six colors)

    14. Flavnt is a trans-founded streetwear company I love to stock my wardrobe with, as will you! They have really cute crop tops and gender-neutral sizing.


    Flavnt is an LGBTQIA+ and trans-inclusive apparel company that also sells hella-queer accessories. Flavnt started with the goal of creating clothes that promote confidence and pride, and they have fundraising initiatives to benefit the LGBTQIA+ community.

    Featured products: the binary breakers baseball jersey ($49.99, available in sizes XS-3XL and two colors) and the be as gay as you want tee ($34.99, available in sizes S-3XL)

    15. Chromat is a trans-found company that offers unique swimsuits and activewear for people of all genders. I love to see it!

    a model wearing the halter swim top in a blue, white, and black painted print

    Chromat was founded in 2010, drawing from founder Becca McCharen-Tran's background in architecture. They are committed to empowering people of all shapes, sizes, and genders through their designs, swimwear, and apparel.

    Featured Product: Bouloux II Swim Top ($78, available in sizes S–3XL and three colors, made from sustainable Italian fabric)

    16. The Phluid Project is a gender-neutral, trans-inclusive brand with stylish apparel and footwear up to size 15.

    the phluid project

    The Phluid Project is a brand that was created to empower people to be themselves and feel inspired to express themselves through Phluid's gender-neutral clothing, accessories, and footwear. Each purchase supports 100% diverse hires, queer and minority-owned brands, and donations for queer charities.

    Featured Products: the Black Trans Lives Matter shirt ($35, available in sizes XS-XL), denim bib ($50, available in sizes 0-4 and two shades), and phuild graffiti boot ($99, available in sizes 8-16)

    17. Rodeoh makes sustainable, premimum underwear for all folks of all genders, and including gender-affirming packing underwear.

    three models sitting outside in Rodeoh underwear
    @rodeohs / Via

    Rodeoh is a community-driven, trans-inclusive apparel company that offers gender-neutral underwear and comfortable, minimalist, gender-neutral harnesses. They also make gender-affirming packing harnessess.

    Featured products: the green six-inch boxer ($19.99, available in sizes XS-4X) and the brief underwear ($19.99, available in sizes XS-4X)

    18. Beefcake Swimwear has all the small-batch swimsuits you need to stay stylish and feel your best in the water!

    three models in the water, one of the models is wearing the stone fox swimsuit, another model is wearing the original swimsuit, and the other model is wearing the dreamboat striped swimsuit
    Beefcake Swimwear / Via

    Beefcake Swimwear make gender-neutral, vintage-inspired swimwear in small batches to ensure that each piece is made with quality and love!

    Featured Products: the Stone Fox swimsuit ($99, available in sizes XS-5X), the Original swimsuit ($99, available in sizes XS-5X and five colors), and the striped Dreamboat swimsuit ($99, available in sizes XS-5X and five colors)

    19. And Jambys literally only makes clothing for lounging inside, for those of us with lofty and snuggly goals! I have a pair of their buttery-soft pants I swear by.

    Jambys, Harper Hendrickson / BuzzFeed

    Jambys is a gender-neutral loungewear company that makes comfy pants, shorts, hoodies, and apparel for chilling indoors.

    Featured Products: the house hoodie ($97, available in sizes XS-XXL and five colors) and long Jamby pants ($87, available in sizes XS-XXL and five colors)

    You and these products looking at each other longingly:

    Focus Features / Via Giphy

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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