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33 People At Wing Bowl Tell "The Most Philly" Thing They've Done

"Tipped a stripper with fake dollar bills."

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DISCLAIMER: Philadelphia is full of world-class art, universities, culture, and wonderful, classy, people.

The people tailgating at 4 a.m. outside the Wing Bowl, a notoriously debauched eating competition, are NOT those people. The Wing Bowl is an annual tradition put on by local sports radio 94WIP just before the Super Bowl. It starts at 6 a.m., and the parking lot of the Wells Fargo arena is full of people who have been up all night getting drunk.

Each wing-eating contestant is brought out by a pack of strippers from various local clubs, and the "Can Cam" on the Jumbotron focuses in on women who are booed until they flash the crowd. It's disgusting and glorious.

It's also a uniquely Philly event — everyone from Philadelphia knows about it, but not many outsiders do. We wanted to know more about how Philly is not just a place, but a state of mind.

We asked people at the Wing Bowl, "What's the most Philly thing you've ever done?" Here are their stories.



Katie Notopoulos / BuzzFeed News

This guy had this amazing tricked-out jeep that had a Jack Daniels tap hooked up to the back that used a windshield fluid mechanism to squirt out booze. This photo doesn't really do him justice — he looked like a dead ringer for Jake Gyllenhaal.

And yes, the ambulance took him to the hospital after he crashed into it.



Katie Notopoulos / BuzzFeed News

A few minutes later, he came back and told me he wanted to do another answer. He also really wanted me to email him the photos because he was really delighted with them. Vote this kid for mayor.


Katie Notopoulos / BuzzFeed News

I said, "Yeah right, I know you're just joking," and he sort of shrugged and said, "Yeah, well, it was an accident, I didn't mean to do it."

I think he actually did it, although having both a vagina and a working knowledge of the physical properties of a cheesesteak, I have no idea how that could possibly happen.

Update, Feb 11: the man in the photo wrote in and requested his face be blurred.


Katie Notopoulos / BuzzFeed News

Jetro is a national wholesaler chain for grocery stores and restaurants, so we're not really sure what this means. I can only assume this is an inside joke with his buddies, or the streetname for some new synthetic drug. If you have an ideas, let us know.

UPDATE: @MrJerseyJosh tells us that there's a Jetro parking lot near the stadium that savvy fans know to use for cheaper parking.

24. The Wing Bowl takes place at the hockey arena, so there are plastic walls set up. There were some people who wanted to share their message with me but couldn't get to the pad of paper, so they spoke without words.


Katie Notopoulos / BuzzFeed News

We're not totally sure what this means; something about going to the Wing Bowl probably? "Jawn" is a thing/person but even in that context it's a confusing sentence.

UPDATE: @pm_jawn tells us "da buhl" means "guy," so this means "Go to the event with my (male) friend."