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The 31 Most Important Pregnant Men Of 2013

"Mpregs" are when a man is pregnant. Ssshhh... no more questions.

1. Nicolas Cage pregnant by Nicolas Cage.

2. This one of Justin revealing his pregnant belly at a concert.

3. This pregnant Justin Bieber with a small child giving him the side-eye.

4. This one of a pregnant Justin just chilling.

5. This pregnant Beetlejuice.

6. Pregnant Mitt Romney.

7. More pregnant Mitt Romney.

8. This guy.

9. The controversy over Luigi vs. Mario's Mpreg state.

why is luigi always mpreg but not mario



why is luigi always mpreg but not mario

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10. Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural as happy parents to be.

11. Dean Winchester from Supernatural giving birth.

12. This depiction of Spike from My Little Pony as a pregnant dragon in a muumuu.

13. Optimus Prime from Transformers pregnant.

14. This pregnant man.

15. Louis from One Direction pregnant and asking for Harry Styles.

16. This one of One Direction all knocked up.

17. Loki taking a pregnancy test.

18. This beautiful rendition of an expecting Loki.

19. Thor tenderly caring for a pregnant Loki.

20. This drawing of pregnant Sonic the Hedgehog.

21. And this one of Sonic sweating with a smiley face drawn on his stomach.

22. Pregnant Sailor Moon Hitler.

23. Pregnant Tom Daley.

24. Pregnant Christian Ronaldo.

25. Pregnant Christian Ronaldo playing soccer.

26. Wreck-It Ralph's accidental pregnancy.

27. Pregnant Garfield.

@jamesharveytm mpreg garfield figurine normally $399

Top. Men.


@jamesharveytm mpreg garfield figurine normally $399

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28. A pregnant Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants.

29. Sylvester at his obstetrician's office for a checkup.

30. This pregnant Minion.

31. Pregnant Paul Walker.