17 Reasons Mothers Should Get A Freakin Medal

Or a trophy or at least a pin or something.

3. And with rather inconvenient scheduling issues:

4. They have to deal with kids doing this to each other:

5. And doing stupid stuff like this:

6. And basically ruining everything:

7. Like, EVERYTHING. And in new and inventive ways of ruining.

8. They manage not to laugh when their kids overreact:

10. Or take things too literally:

11. Or just act like little weirdos:

12. They managed to put up with their ungrateful spawn:

13. Who don’t even appreciate Santa:

14. They love their stupid kids regardless

15. Even those with faces only a mother could love:

16. They see through their kids’ expert attempts at tricking them:

17. And lastyl, they’ll still kiss their kids after god know where their mouths have been:

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