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Your New Favorite Valentine's Day Activity Is Tinder Bingo

Add some booze and everyone wins!

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Valentine's Day is bad, but it might be a little better with an official game. What better resource is there than Tinder, the high-speed, low-stakes dating game of our time? Introducing: Tinder Bingo.


First, fire up Tinder with your friends. (Or alone! Who are we to judge?)

Then, choose one of two ways to play.

Completist Tinder Bingo

In this version, the goal is to find a single Tinder user whose profile checks off an entire five-space row's worth of items from this board, as with normal Bingo. Rows can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Items listed are either a type of profile picture or a description/phrase/trait commonly found in Tinder users' bios.

Piecemeal Tinder Bingo

In this version, the items can be checked off gradually, over multiple profiles, until all five items in a row (again: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) are accounted for. If you choose to play this version, and you're playing with other people, you must show your phone to at least one other person each time you check off an item. Hold each other accountable!

And remember: speed counts for something in this version, but s/he who swipes most swiftly may be more likely to skip over profiles with key items from the board!

General Rules

-The wording of the bio items doesn't have to be exact (i.e. "I don't do selfies" works for "No selfies"), but it should be close. Exactness of language can be used as a tiebreaker if needed.

-First person to fill a row yells "This is depressing!" JK. Yell "Bingo!"

Drinking Version

Take a shot (or, more wisely, a small sip of your drink) every time you find someone who has any of the items on the board. Exercise caution and eat snacks.