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    Meet B4-4, Your Favorite Canadian Boy Band From The Early 2000s

    It's never too late to love an early-aughts boy band. Especially one with hair like theirs.

    This is Canadian boy band b4-4, a pop group formed in 1999.

    As you may or may not be able to tell because everyone's hairstyle is so similar as to make them all nearly indistinguishable, two of the members of b4-4 were/are twin brothers. (Ryan Kowarsky is on the far left and Dan Kowarsky is on the far right. The guy in the middle doesn't matter because he is not a twin. Just kidding, his name is Ohad Einbinder.)

    The name "b4-4" comes from the fact that the group has three members. Three is the number that comes before 4. b4-4.

    Here they are in a poster you probably still want on your wall.

    b4-4's most notable single is the catchy, oral sex-themed summer jam "Get Down."

    View this video on YouTube

    The plotline of this video is that a young boy finds a Viewmaster in a garbage can and, when he holds it up to his face, is transported to a beach where the members of b4-4 sing about oral sex. They also become jealous of the young boy's apparent success with the pretty women on the beach.

    This is one particularly good moment from the "Get Down" video.

    This is another.

    At the end of the video, the young boy gives the Viewmaster to an old homeless man, so that he, too, can go to the b4-4 beach.

    It's the perfect video to the perfect song.

    Other notable singles of b4-4's include the dance jam "Go Go."

    View this video on YouTube

    "I want! You to know! That I can rock you girl, so come on let's go!"

    In the middle of "Go Go" there is a breakdown in oversized matching suits.

    It is not to be missed.

    There are some confusing lyrics in "Go Go!"

    I guess this is probably a part of the song in which Dan is singing to Ryan, or Ryan is singing to Dan, and is warning him away from the girl he likes. But because the vast majority of the song is sung TO the love interest from the singers' perspective, this line is ... problematic.

    b4-4 also provides a pretty solid ballad in the form of "Everyday."

    View this video on YouTube

    I think I had those earrings.

    "Everyday" has that boy band ballad thing of being like, "what are you guys all looking at?"

    It has that thing in SPADES.

    Unfortunately, in 2004, tragedy struck, and b4-4 became b4-3. Which means that they broke up.

    After the split, b4-4 twins Ryan and Dan decided to form their own group. They called this group "RyanDan."

    The name "RyanDan," in case you're wondering, comes from the singers' first names being put together as if it were one word. RyanDan.

    b4-4 non-twin Ohad Einbinder went on to cofound "Boomphone," a brand of headphones.

    He also got super hot. He takes many pleasant-looking Instagrams with his also-hot ladyfriend.

    Your best chance at capturing live b4-4-type magic is to go see RyanDan at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

    They're in residency performing with Shania Twain (!) there for a two-year contract.

    It will not be the same. But it will be something, and that something will likely be spectacular.

    RIP, true b4-4. You will be missed. And GIFed.

    (h/t Dan Nosowitz)