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The 19 Best Ways To Meet Harry Styles, Ranked

Anywhere is fine though.

19. In a crowd outside of an awards show, begging through tears for him to please, oh my god, take a selfie with you.

18. Outside his hotel in New York, because a fan account you follow tweeted to its 50,000 followers that he would be there.

17. After winning a call-in radio contest.

16. At a concert, where you're picked out of the crowd by his bodyguard, and taken backstage at the end of the show.

15. In 17 years, when he's a guest celebrity judge on a talent show, and you're the harried PA who shepherds the people trying out onto and off the stage, and production runs very late one night, and you're the last one there — so you thought — and so you sing a little to yourself, and the next time you turn around he's there, at the door, in disbelief.

14. In a Dairy Queen drive-thru, when you get to the window and go to pay, and the person working there tells you your size medium M&M blizzard without chocolate syrup has been paid for by the handsome young man in the car in front of you, which has now parked in the lot. So you park alongside it, and look over, and he rolls down his window.

13. Running to catch the train on a day when everything is going wrong. The doors are closing. He pushes them open.

12. While interviewing him for a big profile your editor assigned to you. You realize your chemistry is so palpable that to maintain journalistic integrity, you'll have to choose between him and the byline.

11. When you're princess of the country where he lives.

10. At the gym, on side-by-side treadmills. He increases his speed whenever you do, and, though it takes you a bit, you realize he's challenging you to a playful competition. You outpace him, and he's genuinely impressed, because he's confident in his masculinity.

9. While riding on a horse, you run into him, also on a horse.

8. Outside whichever venue the band is playing at, after the concert is over, where you're waiting with your little sister to see if you guys can catch him. When you do, you say, "Sorry to bother you, she's just such a big fan." He's sweet to her, of course, but then looks up at you, smiles, and says, "Not you, though?"

7. Sunbathing on the beach, when suddenly you're hit with a gust of sand. You look up with an expression like, "Are you serious right now?" and Harry's holding his towel, apologizing with a boyish grin.

6. In the restaurant where you work as head chef, late at night, when you just want to go home and open a bottle of wine but your sous chef tells you there's a VIP customer who wants to pay you his compliments.

5. In a hospital, where he's visiting a dying great-grandmother — or someone else he knows, someone whose death will be sad, but manageably sad, and expected, and ultimately life-affirming — and you're a volunteer, and you see him crying in a chair outside the room, and you sit down beside him and put your hand on his back.

4. At the grocery store, where you're shopping while scrolling through Instagram. When you absentmindedly reach for a log of goat cheese without looking, you brush up against Harry's hand instead. You're surprised, look up, and realize you've both got your phones in front of you. You break into simultaneous laughter, and share knowing smiles.

3. In an antique store in Florence in the summer, on a trip you took to rediscover yourself, when someone behind you says, "Excuse me, if you wouldn't mind, I would love a second opinion on this end table."

2. In a coffee shop, where you've agreed to meet the person you've been exchanging long, confessional, anonymous Tumblr messages with for a year, and you get there and the person waiting with the book on the table and the rose on top of the book is him.

1. In an airport, in the duty-free, where he's looking at magazines in the back corner, wearing sunglasses and his hair tied up under a hat. And because it's the middle of the day and all the teens are in school, you are the only one who sees him. And when he sees you seeing him, he smiles, and comes over to you, and he asks where you're headed. You say you are on the way to Los Angeles, and he tilts his face down so he can peer at you over the top of his sunglasses, and then he asks if you are interested in a seat upgrade.