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25 Times Nail Art Blew Your Mind In 2015

*Immediately books manicure*

1. This amazing ode to the new year.

2. This Harry Potter inspired manicure.

3. This geometric look Zoë Kravitz wore to Coachella.

4. These dreamy holographs.

5. These bedazzled beauties.

6. This Star Wars inspired look.

7. These tiny little evil eyes.

8. This beautiful lunar calendar.

9. These yummy-looking junk food nails.

10. This awesome mix of kente cloth/galaxy nails.

11. These eggs and bacon nails.

12. These (non-edible) gummy bears.

13. This super-chic, goth-y look.

14. This stitched-together look.

15. This awesomely detailed matte.

16. This amazing matte plaid that looks just like your favorite shirt.

17. This delightful take on Beauty and the Beast.

18. These amazing sequin tips.

19. This sparkly art deco look.

20. This stained glass mosaic.

21. These precious emoji.

22. These delicate little flowers.

23. These beautiful butterflies.

24. This fresh take on the French mani.

25. This daggers-and-lace look.

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