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19 Struggles Of Growing Out Your Eyebrows

Hopefully they'll be like Cara Delevingne's by the time I'm dead.

1. You feel like a wildebeest is roaming around your face.

2. You wish you could have a flashing disclaimer over your head that says "EYEBROWS IN PROGRESS."

3. You have shed tears over this transition.

4. You've almost quit a thousand times.

5. But then you look at old photos of yourself for motivation.

6. You rely on various magical ointments and powders to keep you sane during the growing process.

7. You've gotten fed up, over-plucked, and panicked.

8. But still you stay determined.

9. You're using more willpower than you've ever used in your life to NOT! Pluck out! Those baby hairs.

10. You take Biotin like your actual life depends on it.

11. You're willing to consider drastic measures.

12. Your pillowcase is a mess because you go to bed with your brows slathered in castor oil.

13. You start getting carried away, and want the BIGGEST EYEBROWS THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.

14. And you dream of being able to afford an endless supply of RevitaBrow.

15. You have a picture of Cara Delevingne taped to your mirror, as if it will somehow inspire your own brows to follow suit.

16. You freak out when you notice your brows starting to grow in unevenly.

17. You would if you could.

18. You're convinced you will only achieve total Zen when you reach your brow goals.

19. And you know it'll all be worth it for the before/after selfie.

This post was inspired by @fishscale912. BuzzFeed <3s you!