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    23 Things If You're Looking For A New Hobby

    Romy and Michele definitely didn't invent post-its, and you definitely don't have a hobby, so take a look to find your *thing*.

    1. A DIY bath bomb making kit so you can become ~the bomb~ at making your very own bath accessories. This kit comes with everything you need to ensure that bath time is the best time.

    2. A Hello Fresh subscription for the perfect way to calm your fear of the kitchen and cooking. You'll receive step-by-step recipes and all the ingredients to make delicious meals. Watch out Bobby Flay, you may have some new competition in town.

    3. A hot sauce making kit to ~spice~ up your weekend activities. Instead of going out and searching for the next hottest thing, you can make it in your own home and embrace your love for hot sauce.

    4. A beginner book on hand-lettering so you no longer have to say that stalking people on Instagram or Facebook is your favorite hobby. Instead, indulge in hours of non-social media–based entertainment and learn to have the prettiest penmanship.

    5. A subscription to Beauteque to help you learn about makeup and skincare, because walking into Sephora can be overwhelming. Each month you'll receive a curated beauty box so you can test out products and see what works best for you and your beauty routine.

    6. A kombucha brewing kit that'll have your friends thinking you're brewing hooch during the prohibition era. But nope, it's just you and your new pastime, making a healthy (but delicious) fermented drink.

    7. A Coffee and a Classic subscription to elevate your lazy day couch sessions. Instead of exercising your thumb muscles by aimlessly clicking through the TV channels, exercise your brain with a timeless novel and a hot beverage of your choice.

    8. A record player and a record organizer so you can ~vinyl-y~ listen to your favorite tunes at the highest quality and start a neat collection while you're at it.

    9. Crafting with Cat Hair, because although being obsessed with your cat isn't quite considered a hobby, making finger puppets and other crafts out of their gorgeous hair (aka felting) certainly is.

    10. A chalk paint kit so you can channel your inner Chip and Joanna. This is an easy way to catch the DIY home project bug and distress furniture without too many headaches.

    11. A 73-piece cake decorating set perfect for beginners, so the next birthday cake you bake for your mom doesn't look like something a two-year-old made. This comes with all the tools you need to make everything from a simple to a v. extra sweet treat.

    12. A Scribbler subscription so you can get those creative juices flowing and fulfill those life-long dreams of becoming a writer. This box not only provides you with the tools to help improve your writing, but offers the service of working with industry professionals to get advice firsthand.

    13. An 11-in-1 phone lens kit to help you get your photography on without having to invest in fancy-shmancy equipment. Instead, pop these lenses on your phone to get some cool and quality pictures that your friends and family won't believe you didn't take on a Nikon DSLR.

    14. Or a Polaroid camera so you can use the *instantly* printed pictures to create a lovely scrapbook, if that's more your thing.

    15. Finders Keepers, the unique monthly box you need if you're obsessed with Law & Order: SVU and your life goal is to be Olivia Benson. Each month, a new mystery will arrive on your doorstep that you'll need to solve.

    16. A smoker box to up your BBQ game and explore different flavor profiles using various types of wood chips.

    17. A House Plant subscription so you can basically grow a green thumb overnight. Once you master taking care of your potted plants and learning about them, you may even want to start your very own garden.

    18. A bullet journal that'll be your new go-to. You can use this journal for basically anything you want— to make lists, create a calendar, scribble doodles, or create full on masterpieces.

    19. Knitting Without Needles, a book for those who don't trust themselves with a needle or have patience for long projects. The book will teach you how to create beautiful crafts with your very own arms and fingers in no time.

    20. A Shaker and Spoon subscription, so you can learn how to ~call the shots~ behind the bar. You'll be able to create cocktails using top bartenders' recipes that'll for sure impress your friends and family.

    21. An adult coloring book made for moms to embrace their creative side. Or if you're an empty nester, this is the perfect way for you to fill all that "free time" you now have.

    22. A subscription to Palettefull Packs, which'll send you high-quality art supplies each month so you can play around with different art mediums and unleash your inner van Gogh.

    23. Or if woodworking or clock making is your more your speed, an Adult & Craft crate subscription with all the tools and instructions you need to make a beautiful craft while learning a new skill.

    Saying goodbye to your hobby-less life like:

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