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    22 Horrible, Problematic, Or Downright Illegal Things TV Characters Got Away With

    The gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia should be locked up for life.

    Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some problematic things TV characters have done without suffering any consequences. Here are the wildest results:

    🚨 There are some spoilers ahead!🚨

    Warning: This post contains references to sexual assault and violence.

    1. On It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there is a running list of crimes committed by the gang, including but not limited to distributing alcohol to minors, driving under the influence, illegal possession of a fire arm, sexual assault, harassment, welfare fraud, drug trafficking, animal abuse, robbery, and manslaughter.

    FXX / Via

    "The whole gang on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for countless reasons — not to mention what they did to Rickety Cricket!"


    2. On Riverdale, Betty Cooper blackmails Cheryl with a tape of her brother's death so Cheryl will testify in favor of F.P. Jones.

    Betty cooper blackmailing Cheryl
    The CW

    "Pretty much everything Betty Cooper did on Riverdale while 'investigating.'"


    3. On Shameless, Debbie rapes her boyfriend and lies about taking birth control to have a baby.

    Debbie's boyfriend telling her she date-raped him

    "Debbie on Shameless rapes her boyfriend, lies about taking her birth control to have a baby, and forces her daughter to partake in activities she wants nothing to do with. Poor Franny is treated more like an accessory than an actual human being. She made her 10-year-old brother sleep outside 'cause he wouldn’t give her $15. Also, everyone totally overlooks that she stole a baby in Season 1."


    4. On Scandal, Olivia Pope killed Vice President Andrew Nichols with a metal chair, made Luna Vargas decide between suicide pills and being shot, and executed the plane explosion that killed Farid Rashad and his niece Yasmeen.

    Olivia Pope forcing Luna to decide between suicide pills and bullets

    "Olivia, during the entire course of Scandal, killed multiple people and was involved in many other crimes. She killed Andrew and the president-elect's wife at the end of Season 6 but never faced any repercussions for her mistakes. Everyone did bad things on that show, but the only people who faced punishment were Cyrus and Jake."


    5. Also on Scandal, Fitz risked countless lives by sending the nation to war in an attempt to rescue Olivia from her kidnappers.

    President Fitz holding a press conference to declare war on West Angola

    "Listen, I understand that he did it for love and it is freaking Olivia Pope, but my man Fitz should've been IMPEACHED and IMPRISONED for sending the nation to war to get Olivia back from the kidnappers on Scandal. He sent innocent men and women to their deaths all for one person. On the show, she breaks up with him because of it and he almost gets impeached, but he faced no real consequences, as he found a way to get around it. Plus, he didn’t even get her back! Millions of dollars spent and thousands of needless deaths, all for him to end up failing."


    6. On 90210, Annie Wilson killed a person while driving drunk and fled the scene.

    Annie hitting someone in her car and driving away
    The CW

    "On 90210, Annie killed someone while driving drunk, left the scene, and didn't tell anyone about it — and a year later, when it finally came out, she had her license suspended for like a month, and then no one ever mentioned it again."


    7. On Glee, Sue Sylvester committed many atrocities, including drugging Principal Figgins, telling him they had sex, and blackmailing him into destroying glee club once and for all.

    Sue threatening to expose Principal Figgins after waking up in bed together

    "Sue did lots of messed up things on Glee. I think one of the worst was when she drugged, then blackmailed the principal in order to destroy the glee club."


    8. On Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass sexually assaulted Jenny and Serena and was willing to sell his girlfriend, Blair, to his uncle for ownership of a hotel.

    Serena and Dan yelling for Chuck to get off of Jenny
    The CW

    "He assaulted not one, but TWO girls on the first episode of Gossip Girl! It was quickly forgotten, and he was treated like a good person later on."


    9. On Grey's Anatomy, Izzie Stevens cut a patient's LVAD wire in order to move him higher up on the transplant list.

    Izzie saying she's stopping his heart before cutting the LVAD wire

    "In reality, she definitely would have lost her medical license and probably gone to jail!"


    10. Also on Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Burke lied about having a tremor, and his girlfriend, Cristina Yang, operated for him during surgeries rather than coming clean.

    Dr. Bailey asking Dr. Webber what their punishment will be and Dr. Webber revealing that there will be no "justice" for Dr. Yang and Dr. Burke

    "Dr. Burke keeping his license after operating with a tremor and using an intern to help him cover it up rather than telling anybody."


    11. On The Vampire Diaries, characters kill innocent people with no consequences.

    Three "Vampire Diaries" deaths
    The CW

    "On The Vampire Diaries, plenty of characters, especially Damon, kill heaps of innocent people when they are in a ‘bad place,’ and it isn't really talked about at all unless it was a main character who died."


    12. On Once Upon a Time, Regina manipulated Graham into a relationship with dark magic and later killed him by crushing his heart and passing it off as a heart attack.

    Regina crushing Graham's heart

    "Regina literally murdered Graham, after sexually abusing him for years, on Once Upon a Time, and everyone just forgot about it!"


    13. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina consistently makes sexual advances toward her superior officer.

    Gina telling Terry to wrap his thick, muscular arms around her to demonstrate how to shoot at the gun range

    "Gina constantly sexually harassed and objectified Terry on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and nobody cared."


    14. On Criminal Minds, Elle Greenaway murdered an unsub and planted a gun on his body.

    Elle shooting a man in cold blood

    "I absolutely love Criminal Minds, but that has always rubbed me the wrong way. Of course, it was entirely realistic, since law enforcement gets away with murder all of the time in the US."


    15. On Pretty Little Liars, Ezra Fitz dated a 15-year-old student, despite being a 22-year-old teacher at her high school.

    ABC Family

    "Ezra on Pretty Little Liars dated his student for years. He was never arrested and ended up becoming a college professor instead of a high school teacher so they could be together."


    16. On Glee, Rachel sent Sunshine to a crack house so she wouldn't audition for the glee club.

    Rachel giving Sunshine the address and directions for the "audition," when in reality she's sending her to an abandoned crack house

    "Rachel on Glee sending Sunshine to a crack house because she was worried about her audition for glee club. Still mad about that to this day."

    Abby Strack

    17. On The Simpsons, Homer regularly strangles his son, Bart.

    Homer Simpson strangling Bart in their living room
    Fox / Via

    "I don’t know why, but it has always bothered me that Homer literally strangles Bart."


    18. On House, Dr. House abuses Vicodin on the job, sexually harasses his boss, and sleeps with one of his employees.

    Fox / Via

    "But he’s brilliant, so no consequences?"


    19. On Dead to Me, Detective Perez let Jen get away with murdering Steve, despite the unveiling of his body and a full confession.

    Detective Perez telling Jen she's bringing her home because she doesn't want to be a cop today, she want's to be a person

    "In the second season, Jen literally shows the cops where Steve’s body is, and the cop is like, 'I can see you’ve been facing struggles in your life and you told me he threatened you, so we're just going to pretend this didn’t happen.' Puh-leeese."


    20. On Friends, Ross and Rachel get caught by a group of schoolchildren lying naked in a museum exhibit.

    Rachel says she can't believe she's waking up next to Ross, and he says yeah, it's pretty unbelievable

    "It always bothered me on Friends that Ross and Rachel were caught by a group of schoolchildren at the museum lying naked under a blanket after having sex. Yet Ross was never disciplined and kept his job. That would never happen."


    21. On How to Get Away With Murder, the characters, well, get away with murder.

    Oliver saying, "We all deserve hell"
    ABC / Via

    "Just generally, all the murders and illegal things all the characters committed on How to Get Away With Murder."


    22. And on Pose, Elektra hid a body in her closet, her children disposed of the remains, and no one found out.

    Elektra and her children talking about how to dispose of the body

    "I still can’t believe that Elektra hid a wrapped body in her closet on Pose and her children were able to get rid of it without anyone finding out. So many people knew, and yet it was kept a secret. How is that even possible?"


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE, which routes the caller to their nearest sexual assault service provider. You can also search your local center here.