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22 Ways To Fill Your Home With Color

Does this mean I'll find a pot of gold somewhere in my house, too?

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed / Via BuzzFeed

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1. This jellyfish shower curtain.

Get it here for $68.

2. These nesting storage boxes.

Get them here for $35.

3. This bright knife set.

Get it here for $16.95.

4. This bubbly clock.

Get it here for $30.

5. This rainbow projector.

Get it here for $36.

6. This pillow with colorful rays.

Get it here for $30.99.

7. This painted serving set.

Get it here for $19.99.

8. This backlit keyboard.

Get it here for $31.99.

9. This happy little night light.

Get it here for $13.99.

10. These watercolored kitties.

Get it here for $20.

11. This cup that makes your drinks look more colorful.

Get it here for $11.98.

12. These emotional fridge magnets.

Get them here for $8.72.

13. These layered soy candles.

Get them here for $19.

14. These colorful salt and pepper shakers.

Get them here for $18.

15. This color burst comforter set.

Get it here starting at $79.

16. These wine glasses with colored stems.

Get them here for $32.99.

17. These mini clothespin clips.

Get them here for $3.99.

18. This rainbow phone holder and charger.

Get it here for $35.

19. This knit rainbow bin.

Get it here for $45.

20. These dish cloths in a bunch of colors.

Get them here for $9.95.

21. This rainbow throw pillow.

Get it here for $29.

22. These pencils to bring some color to your desk.

Get them here for $7.27.

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