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Oct 2014
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    kateer2 commented on Teachers: What Are The Best And Worst Gifts You've Ever Gotten From Students?

    I honestly don’t know what side this would be considered but Christmas time last year mid distance learning, one of my classes decided to all collaborate and turn their on their cameras for me on Zoom. It was the first time all year that I had seen all of their faces together on my… 

    16 days ago

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    kateer2 commented on What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing That's Happened To You While Working From Home?

    I was Zoom teaching from home when our district was on distance learning last year. My students fell in love with my dog (understandably) and so I would regularly include her in our lessons and/or use her as leverage to get them to do work. One day she was particularly hyper and started… 

    2 months ago

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    kateer2 commented on What Stupid Thing Did You Believe As A Kid That Was Actually Really Fucking Wrong?

    When I was a kid I would cross my eyes to be goofy and my mom would say “don’t do that or they’ll get stuck that way.” I actually freaking believed her. Like I would make sure not to keep them crossed for more than a couple seconds so they wouldn’t get stuck. Given my dad would also… 

    3 years ago

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