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21 People Who Restored Our Faith In Humanity In 2021

Yep, I'm crying.

1. These electricians who paid their little helper for his services 🥺:

2. This fellow who saw two kids struggling and decided to lend a helping the pouring rain:

3. This Good Samaritan who wasn't about to let an elderly doggo struggle through his walk:

4. This star witness who saw an injustice and did their part:

5. This sweet person who checked up on their classmate just to make sure they were OK:

6. This student who left a note for their art teacher that made my eyes well up:

7. This man who posted up just in case anyone needed to chat:

8. This person who gave a verrry thirsty kitter a fresh drink of water:

9. This teacher who went above and beyond to help their students feel safe and valued:

10. This Uber driver who deserves 59,035,746 million stars:

11. This ice cream man who always made sure to stop and see his favorite customer:

12. This momma who made sure to let her child know how much she appreciated them, even after she passed:

13. This restaurant that said goodbye to tipping and hello to paying their servers a living wage:

14. These neighbors who came together to keep sweet Cujo safe for decades 😭:

15. This Good Human who made his next-door neighbor's life as a new mom a little bit easier:

16. This craftsperson who made a little veggie stand so he could give fresh produce to the people on his block:

Built this to give away excess vegetables from the garden

Twitter: @skyw00kie

17. This sweet, sweet soul who wanted his car's new owner to start off on the right foot:


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18. These restaurant staff members who gave those who were hungry but unable to pay the opportunity to have a nice meal:

19. This neighbor who had us in the first half but turned out to be the coolest ever:

20. This teacher who probably sent the most appreciated email of the entire school year:

21. And finally, this hero who knitted hats and scarves for anyone and everyone to bundle up this winter:

H/T: r/HumansBeingBros.

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