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What Stupid Thing Did You Believe As A Kid That Was Actually Really Fucking Wrong?

Thanks for nothing, mom and dad!!!!

When you were a kid, your mind was filled with wonder, and tbh, quiiiiite a few incorrect tidbits of information. For example:

Maybe you were convinced that ~the olden days~ were in black and white, because all photos of your grandparents were in grayscale.

Or your mom told you she could read all of your text messages by just looking at the phone bill, so you never sent anything inappropriate out of fear.

Perhaps your dad always told you the hazard lights button in the car was actually an eject button, and threatened that if you misbehaved, he'd press it.

We all believed some truly dumb shit as children, but we've grown... right?

So via the Dropbox below, tell us: What ridiculously incorrect things did you very much believe as a kid?

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.