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55 Moments In 2014 When The "Real Housewives" Were The Best (And Worst)

"Fix it, Jesus."

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1. The downfall of Real Housewives of Atlanta BFFs NeNe and Cynthia spiraled when NeNe called Cynthia's husband a bitch.

2. And that naturally led to Cynthia and NeNe's breakup.

3. So Phaedra said a little prayer (to help repair NeNe and Cynthia's torn friendship).

4. Also, Porsha (verbally) attacked Kenya during the reunion.

Bravo TV / Via

5. Then Porsha (physically) attacked Kenya at the reunion. All hell broke loose.

6. Not that the reunion brawl was the first we'd seen in Atlanta that season. Remember when Kandi reached her breaking point?

7. Phaedra said this to Kenya in this current season (after finding out that her husband lied when he said for two years that Kenya came on to him).

Bravo / Via Tumblr

8. So no apology, then? Got it. Well, Kenya hurls another piece of juice to Phaedra later this season.

9. Phaedra is not happy with this.

Bravo / Via Tumblr

10. Here's hoping things get ironed out in the ATL.

Bravo / Via Tumblr

11. Over in Orange County, we also saw friendships breaking down. Tamra ran far away when hers with Vicki soured.

12. But not Heather. She just got (more) real.

13. Perhaps a little too real for Shannon. She had enough.

Bravo / Via Tumblr

14. And Vicki snored. A great deal.

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15. New girl Lizzie stirred the pot ...

Bravo TV / Via

16. ...Tamra did not care for it.

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17. Over on The Real Housewives of New York City, Kristen Taekman joined the cast.

18. And the horrid #Bookgate between Aviva and Carole started pretty much immediately.

19. Carole and Aviva continued to fight the whole season.

20. Heather got in on it too.

21. Despite being demoted, the Countess was better than ever, serving as a delightful voice of reason.

22. Ramona threw a glass of wine at Kristen's face. Like, not just the wine — the glass. (Kristen bled.)

23. They never really got over it.

24. Aviva got asthma. Everyone thought she was lying about it.

Bravo / Via

25. Everything pretty much led to this. Not just with Aviva, or RHONY. But with life.

26. The season was meh. But the reunion episodes were really good. Andy Cohen tried to get Ramona to talk about her impending divorce from Mario. She deflected.

27. Andy was not having it.

Bravo / Via

28. Sonja, who was bonkers all season, was especially nuts at the reunion.

29. Andy was not having it.

Bravo / Via

30. Kristen spoke for us all when she said this to Sonja.

31. The New York franchise needs help. Save us, Bethenny Frankel!


32. Over on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa was in some trouble with the law.

33. Dina came back after being gone for a few seasons.

34. Some twins joined the cast. Here's one of them.

35. Another new cast member — Amber — came to fight.

36. This twin (not sure which one) was mad about that brawl.

37. Despite all her parents' troubles, Milania found solace in twerking.

38. Kevin Jonas worked on Kathy's house — WTF.

39. Dina did not want to address the situation with her sister Caroline. Again.

40. On a trip to Florida, Amber got distraught.

41. Eventually, Jacqueline rejoined the cast. But it was too late.

42. As the season aired, Teresa and Joe were sentenced to prison. They went on Watch What Happens Live! to speak with Andy about it.


43. Unfortunately, Teresa seemed as clueless as ever.

44. It's hard to know what to say about New Jersey. Maybe just this.

45. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicked off in 2013, so some of its best moments — "Joyce is a big fat pig!" — do not apply here. But Carlton's shit-stirring was from this year.

46. The main theme of the season, though, was Brandi kind of randomly deciding to shed her friendship with Lisa, and trying to get everyone to be on her side.

47. It worked. And everything came to a head on the cast trip to Puerto Rico. People turned on Lisa and Ken.

Bravo / Via

48. Ken called Yolanda stupid. Mistake.

49. Big mistake.

50. Lisa was over it all.

51. It was unpleasant to watch. The reunion was good, though. Kyle put Carlton in her place for butting in.

52. And the new season — WITH LISA DAMN RINNA — has promise. This is from the Season 5 trailer, yes!

53. Will Lisa and the ladies get back to normal? She still seems pretty over it.

54. Though she did make amends with Kyle — for however long this lasts.

55. From the season preview, it doesn't seem to last long! Though technically this isn't talking shit. Cheers, ladies!

Special thanks to T. Kyle at Reality TV GIFs for GIFing out all of these incredible Real Housewives moments — this list would be impossible without his contributions to Housewives mania.

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