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    "Hannibal" Creator On Renewal Chances: "We May Not Hear Until Next Week"

    NBC presented its new schedule Monday, Hannibal's fate will be "made in the next few weeks."

    Update on Monday, May 13: Fuller had been told the truth: The NBC schedule was released to the press on Sunday, and the press release stated that the decision of whether to pick up Hannibal would be "made in the next few weeks."

    Friday morning, I interviewed Bryan Fuller, the executive producer of NBC's Hannibal, for a story I'll post soon about the show's violence and gore. Since NBC's upfront presentation to advertisers is Monday, and the network has announced a number of new shows, plus a lot of renewals and cancellations, I asked him when he thought he would know Hannibal's fate.

    He said, "We have no idea. We may not even know for another week or so. They're being very close to the vest. But they're saying Bob Greenblatt doesn't want to make a decision right away. So we may not hear until next week, or the week after. It's hard to say."

    Really? Even though Greenblatt, NBC's chairman of entertainment, will be announcing the new schedule on Monday?

    "Yeah," Fuller said. "They won't announce us being picked up or canceled by Monday is what we're being told."

    I asked a spokeswoman at NBC to confirm that Fuller's understanding of the timetable is true. I have not heard back from her with an answer.

    Hannibal premiered in early April with ratings that were not strong but, as I wrote at the time, were not a disaster. They've since lowered, though the show does better when DVR usage is added to its totals. It's possible that Greenblatt and his team want to give the show more time, since it's gotten some critical acclaim.

    Or we'll find out Monday or this weekend. In which case, I will feel stupid! It won't be the first time.