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56 Things To Remember From The "Scandal" Season 3 Finale

Olivia quit and flew away! Remind yourself what else happened before the fourth season premiere on Sept. 25.

1. There's a bomb in the church where Sen. Hightower's funeral is about to take place.

2. Jake has warned Cyrus (Jeff Perry) about the bomb.

But because he is Cyrus, instead of telling everyone and evacuating the church, Cyrus is simply delaying the president's arrival so Fitz doesn't blow up. Because he wants Sally Langston (Kate Burton) to die, and she is already there. Sally, once Fitz's vice president, is now running against him.

3. In the previous episode, Mama Pope tried to kill Papa Pope (Joe Morton).

4. Adnan Salif (Nazanin Boniadi), Mama Pope's assistant terrorist, who has kidnapped Harrison (Columbus Short), is suspicious that the president isn't at the funeral yet.

Mama Pope, in full Olivia garb, tells Adnan to calm down. (Considering the build up to Adnan's character and Harrison's backstory, I would say that this character didn't quite work out, right?)

5. Cyrus, remorseful finally, is about to tell Fitz what's happening when Jake (Scott Foley) comes in and does tell him.

6. Olivia sees on the waiting room TV at the hospital that the church is being evacuated because of a bomb threat.

7. As the president is pressing Jake about whether he's absolutely sure about the bomb, there's an explosion at the church.

8. Sally is evacuated. She's about to get in the car to be taken to safety when Leo (Paul Adelstein) tells her to seize the moment, and that this is her Pearl Harbor.

9. Olivia tells Fitz he needs to be on TV addressing the country.

10. The cameras are filming Sally performing nursing duties. Fitz does a press conference — all the news broadcasts show him in a split screen with Sally. Then everyone drops the split screen and just shows Sally.

11. Olivia has been screaming at the news people on the phone not to show Sally, but they ignore her.

12. Sally delivers a strong, moving speech. She leads everyone in prayer.

13. Olivia tells Cyrus they are going to lose the election. He knows.

14. Cyrus and Olivia go tell Fitz he's going to lose the election. And Drunk Mellie alert!

15. Drunk Mellie: "Why did we hire her?"

16. Papa Pope is awake. It's a "miracle."

17. Harrison asks Adnan Salif to save his life, and says he won't tell on her. In the next scene, he's freed and tells Abby (Darby Stanchfield) that he had "no luck" finding her.

18. Harrison and Abby walk in on Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) having sex. Abby is horrified.

19. David (Joshua Malina) asks Jake why he hasn't told Fitz that Cyrus knew about the bomb and didn't do anything about it.

20. Charlie (George Newbern) gives Quinn an envelope to give to Huck, and tells her it will destroy any chance of happiness they have. He leaves.

21. Fitz and Olivia discuss Vermont, jam, and divorcing Mellie.

Fitz: "I am going to marry you. We are going to have babies. Two babies, I think." He calls Mellie "a vindictive, grasping, power-hungry monster." He said Mellie never loved him; Olivia knows the truth about Fitz's father raping Mellie.

22. And she breaks Mellie's confidence to tell him. "Big Jerry raped her."

"I believe her, Fitz." He is crushed.

23. Mellie is drinking. Fitz walks in.

24. He is kind to her.

25. Leo comes to gloat over Cyrus. But Cyrus is just sad and beaten.

26. Quinn takes Huck to his family. She tells him what was in the envelope. He reacts poorly.

"Don't you ever speak another word to me again."

27. Olivia advises Fitz on what to say in his final speech before the election.

She also says: "It's OK. Vermont's not happening. You can't leave her now." He tells her, "Not yet." They share a choked up moment of silence.

28. Mama Pope is at Papa Pope's bedside. She tells Olivia that everything she's done, she's done for her.

29. The Grants share a genuinely nice moment as they wait for Fitz to give his speech. Jerry even tells Fitz he's sorry he's going to lose.

30. Tom, the Secret Service guy, puts his hand on Jerry's shoulder. Take note of this moment!

31. Jerry has a dramatic nosebleed onstage as Fitz gives his speech. He collapses.

32. Jerry, we really hardly knew ye.

33. Olivia announces that the cause of Jerry's death was bacterial meningitis.

34. "We're going to win the election now," Olivia tells Cyrus.

35. Tom, Secret Service guy, tells Fitz that Jerry was likely poisoned.

36. Papa Pope comes to see Fitz in the hospital.

Fitz tells Papa Pope that Mama Pope did it; she's the killer. Papa Pope tells him he can get revenge for him. Fitz says, "Do it."

37. Mellie tells Fitz that she wasn't there for Jerry because she was so scared Big Jerry was the father.

38. Huck tells Olivia that Quinn found his family.

39. Olivia asks her father, who has left the hospital, whether his offer "for a new life — does that offer still stand?"

Papa Pope is very pleased with himself.

40. Olivia quits to Huck and Abby.

And she keeps talking about her father in a brainwashed way, as if he's a normal person. Which Abby is having none of. "Your father is a monster. He's a murderer and a liar and a criminal. You hate him, and now you're trusting him with your life." Olivia leaves Huck and Abby her keys.

41. Papa Pope rolls up on Harrison.

42. Jake shows up at Olivia's house having heard she quit.

She tells him why she's leaving. "I'm at the center; the eye of the storm." He says: "This is your pity party." She says: "I'm handling this; I'm fixing this." And: "It's me. I'm the thing that needs to be fixed, I'm the thing that needs to be handled. I'm the scandal." Then he says: "Run away with me. Save me." Olivia responds: "I'm in love with someone else." Jake says: "I want us to stand in the sun together. Will you do that?" (Also, Olivia uses the phrase "stand in my truth" in this speech, and it's fun to hear a common self-help-y expression on a show known for its own coinages.)

43. Mama Pope is arrested.

44. Harrison goes to talk to Papa Pope and says he needs to stop Olivia from leaving.

Papa Pope tells him he's been reinstated to B613. Harrison is about to leave, but then puts it together that it was Papa Pope who killed Jerry (and Adnan). "This all worked out great for you," he says. We see flashbacks to Papa Pope's masterplot, starting with "I am the hell and the high water."

"My daughter wanted him to be president," Papa Pope tells Harrison. "Daddy took care of it." And then: "He took my child, so I took his." The song "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" begins to play.

45. "You can't take Command. Right, Tom?" says Papa Pope.

46. We see that Tom put the stolen meningitis on a pin, put the pin in his ring, and put his hand on Jerry's back.

47. Fitz has won the election. He doesn't care.

48. He thinks about everything that has led to this point, and collapses on the floor.

49. Olivia pulls up on the tarmac, where Jake is waiting for her.

50. David signs for a bunch of boxes.

"Go get the bad guys. Jake" It's all of the B613 files.

51. Huck rings the doorbell of his family's house.

(I sort of agree with Huck, before he made this decision here, that his family is better off without him.)

52. Tom points his gun at Harrison.

53. Mama Pope is back in the hole.

54. Fitz is on the floor. Mellie reminds him he needs to address the country.

He asks where Olivia is. They try to call her.

55. Olivia ignores the call.

56. The plane takes off.

Scandal's Season 4 premiere is on Thursday, Sept. 25, at 9 p.m. on ABC.