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Jul. 25, 2017

17 Times Canada Made Everyone In America Say, "What The Fuck?"

"WTF is a house hippo?"

1. When calling these things "pencil crayons" was too much to handle.

2. When Justin Trudeau took part in a boxing match against a Canadian senator.

3. When they didn't understand the majesty of the North American house hippo.

Companies Committed to Kids / Via Twitter: @chironwicker

4. When they were confused by Canadian crime.

5. Like, really confused by it.

6. When they encountered our blasé reactions to typical accidents.

7. When they realized we put Canadian flags on everything.

8. When they witnessed the subtlety of Canadian fashion.

9. When they discovered that our money is waterproof.

10. And glows in the dark.

11. ...And so do our passports.

12. When they heard Saskatchewan's term for "hoodie."

Getty / Via Twitter: @Am3l14Smith

13. When they found that that we celebrate Thanksgiving a month earlier than they do.

14. When our idea of a winter treat sounded made up.

15. When they used a different word for "Timbit" than we do.

Tri / Flickr Creative Commons / Via Twitter: @meeeeshl

16. When they weren't impressed with the Canadian delicacy that are ketchup chips.

coffee shop soulja / Flickr Creative Commons / Via Twitter: @murieleex

17. And when they were introduced to some local Canadian celebrities.

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