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17 Things That Prove 2005 Happened, Like, 100 Years Ago In Canada

Drake was still known as Aubrey.

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1. Stephen Harper wasn't even Prime Minister yet.

Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images

We've got a new hunky PM now, but before that, didn't it seem like Harper was running Canada forever? But nope, in 2005, our country was still led by Liberal Party leader Paul Martin.

2. Canada had just legalized same-sex marriage.

Jim Young / Reuters

The Civil Marriage act was introduced in parliament on February 1, 2005 and became law on July 20, 2005. (It only took America another 10 years to get its act together.)


3. Justin Bieber was only 11 years old.

KidRauhl/YouTube // Mike Stobe / Getty Images / Via

We still had another two years before he uploaded his first video to YouTube, and another four years before he introduced that infamous hairstyle to the world.

5. Melissa O'Neil was at the top of the Canadian music charts.

Jim Ross / Getty Images

The first female winner of Canadian Idol spent 9 weeks at No. 1 with her song "Alive." (She's currently kicking a ton of butt on Space's sci-fi action drama Dark Matter. Go, Melissa!)

6. All of these people were still MuchMusic VJs.


Rick Campanelli, Sarah Taylor, Hannah Sung, Leah Miller, Devon Soltendieck, and Jennifer Hollett ruled MuchMusic back when it was still called MuchMusic and they still had VJs. They've all gone on to other projects, but we'll always remember some of these questionable hair decisions.

7. You spent hours picking the perfect song to show up as your MSN Messenger status.

Arthit Suriyawongkul/Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: arthit

That, or picking the perfect song lyrics to throw passive aggressive shade at that girl you hate. Take that, Brenda.


14. Jetsgo was still an airline (but not for long).

Don Mackinnon / Getty Images

This was a company?! The budget airline shut down operations suddenly and without warning on March 11, 2005, leaving thousands of customers stranded—and right before March break! Not cool, Jetsgo.

15. A Canadian became the new lead singer for INXS.

Craig Allen / Getty Images

Mississauga, Ontario native J.D. Fortune (right) won the reality TV competition Rock Star: INXS and joined the Australian band as their new leader. That was a real thing that actually happened in real life!

16. Only two Saw movies had been released.


No, Jigsaw, we don't want to play a game, but you're going to force another bazillion sequels upon us anyway, aren't you? Although since several of them were filmed in Toronto, we can't really complain about all the work they gave to the Canadian film industry.

17. And finally: Rogers, Bell, and Telus didn't even have data plans for us to be upset about.


But you could still rack up a huge bill if you were paying 10 cents every time you sent a text (which you obviously typed out using the T9 function).


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