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    17 Photos That Are So Unlikely, They Seem Impossible

    What are the odds?

    1. This fishbowl that got knocked off the counter.

    u/slowf3 / Via

    2. These two identical strangers who were seated next to each other on an airplane.

    Guy on right is the husband of my friend @elrottencrotch. Guy on left is a STRANGER he met on a flight last night!

    3. The serial number on this pizza cutter.

    u/wolfshozzer / Via

    4. The cyclist who dropped their phone in the middle of a ride.

    u/dirtylongs / Via

    5. The name of the foreign languages teacher.

    u/ARF_Trooper_ / Via

    6. The passengers on this public bus.

    u/AceOS24 / Via

    7. And the passengers on this bus as well.

    u/Balzan12 / Via

    8. The car that was parked in exactly the right place during a storm.

    u/AmmianusMarcellinus / Via

    9. And this car, who was directly in a fallen tree's path, but still ended up fine.

    u/HolyDekuTree / Via

    10. This glass that broke in exactly the right way.

    11. These two inverted strangers.

    u/m0rris0n_hotel / Via

    12. The fortune on this badly-constructed fortune cookie.

    u/siefer181 / Via

    13. The price on this receipt, juxtaposed with the message at the bottom.

    u/Kossine / Via

    14. The statue of a swerving driver that was just narrowly missed by this crashed car.

    u/keepcalmandcoinon / Via

    15. This pinball that stopped right in the middle of the flippers.

    u/LeoPanthera / Via

    16. This rented car that drove 50 miles away from the rental office, and ended up parked next to the car's nearly-identical sibling (check out those license plates!).

    u/renaissance_boy_ / Via

    17. And these strangers in traffic, who didn't realize they were playing the same game.

    u/Friendorphobia / Via

    For more odds-defying stuff, check out r/NeverTellMeTheOdds!

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