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27 Things You Learn After Moving To Toronto

If you get lost in the PATH, you're going to die in the PATH.

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4. And your dream of ever owning a home died the second you saw what kind of houses cost $1 million in the city.

Well, technically it's $999,999, but still.


16. If you say you're from Toronto but you're really from Etobicoke, people will judge you.

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Same for Scarborough, North York, Thornhill, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Burlington, and basically anywhere that isn't Toronto proper.


20. Going to Dance Cave is asking for trouble. Fun trouble, but trouble.

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If you make it through the night without puking, making out with a rando, or getting thrown out by the bouncers, you have achieved the impossible.


22. You either love the Toronto International Film Festival, or you hate it — there is no in between.

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It's either your best chance to meet Tom Hiddleston, or it's a massive inconvenience that makes your commute terrible.