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    19 Renter-Friendly Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor

    Small changes can have a huge effect.

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    1. If you're not allowed to paint or put up wallpaper, simply adding some new curtains to your window can dramatically change the feeling of a room. These ones are a soft velvet, which will help create a warm, cozy feeling.

    2. Jazzing up your floors with something like this braided rug will help separate one area of a room from the rest of it, making it feel like its own dedicated space. Like The Dude would say, it really ties the room together.

    3. If you can't change the overhead lighting that's already installed in your home, experiment with a floor lamp — just plug it in and the entire mood of the room can change in an instant.

    4. Or go for a cuter lighting scheme with a projector lamp, which not only will help you create a new mood for the room, but will add pattern to your walls as well.

    5. Little accents like a herringbone cushion will add a bit of elegance to your space — the stitching makes it look more expensive than it really is.

    6. And don't forget about your outside spaces! A brightly-patterned outdoor cushion will help make your backyard, patio, or balcony feel a lot more home-y.

    7. Decorating your walls with something like this adorable baby raccoon print is an easy way to make a space feel more like home — plus, everyone will immediately know about your love of tiny trash pandas.

    8. But you don't have to stick to posters and framed art! Try out a macramé wall hanging for some slightly out-of-the-box decor that'll still make your space look amazing.

    9. Even if you live in a small apartment, hanging a mirror on a wall will trick the eye into thinking there's more space than there really is. Plus, mirrors will help reflect light around your home, making it seem brighter.

    10. Cute accents like this Frida Kahlo flower pot are a beautiful way to showcase your skills as a plant parent and your love of art.

    11. You may not have room for a sectional sofa, but still want to put your foot up — this cotton-knit pouf it a great way to rest your feet, without taking up too much room.

    12. If you've got an old couch or chair that you can't afford to reupholster, try just tossing a new throw blanket over it. The pattern will trick the eye into thinking there's an entirely new fabric, plus the blanket will keep you warm once the temperature begins to drop.

    13. A woven basket is a great way to store away cushions, blankets, magazines, and other knickknacks, while also being a pretty decor product all on its own. Beauty and function, together at last.

    14. Don't forget that even functional items can have a little personality! For example, this hedgehog door stopper is a much cuter alternative to the typical wedge stopper. (Don't worry, it's soft, so its quills won't poke your toes.)

    15. Your entryway is the first thing people see when they enter your home, so it should help set the tone for the space. This faux stone bowl will help the bring the area together, while also holding important items like your keys and wallet.

    16. Don't just toss your fruit on the counter in a plastic bag — display it in a pretty fruit bowl to make it look more planned and deliberate.

    17. The bathroom is often forgotten when it comes to home decor, so don't forget to spruce it up! Even just a new, pretty shower curtain can make the room feel completely new.

    18. Jazz up your dining table with a patterned table cloth — it'll help make the table the focal point of the room and make it look a little bit fancier.

    19. And if you have some uncomfortable wooden dining chairs, just add some quilted chair pads to the seats — they'll make the chairs look nicer and make them more comfortable to sit on. Now those fancy dinners can go all night long!

    You, after updating your home with these simple decor products:

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