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    26 Practical Products That'll Help You Organize Your Entire Life

    Because everything is a mess right now.

    1. A portable bedside caddy, so that you don't have to sleep with journals, books, and electronics piled up in your bed (me ATM). Without the clutter, you'll be able to happily snooze your way through the night without rolling onto your stuff. No nightstand table, no problem.

    2. A book of planner stickers packed with 2,600 decals that'll take your agenda to the next level and give it that pop of colour it so desperately needs. You can use them to flag appointments, track goals, remember paydays, and more.

    3. An Umbra dish-drying rack that folds up for easy storage. It has its own mini plastic dish rack, so it can hold plates and bowls in their upright positions, too.

    4. A pack of ramen sticky notes so that you can display your love of noods all over your textbooks. They also might remind you to take a break and eat something (like ramen, idk) when you're in the middle of a cram sesh.

    5. A sloth shower caddy that attaches to your shower head and has enough space for all your holy grail products. Now your partner won't wage war with you about stealing all the cupboard and counter space for your bath goodies.

    6. A bento tech organizer to keep all your wires and gadgets in order. It comes with four adjustable compartment dividers and two silicone straps, so you can customize it to fit your stuff perfectly.

    7. A brass jewellery stand that'll keep your accessories untangled and in one place. It also looks like a work of art, so it'll pretty up your bedroom, too.

    8. An easy-to-use productivity journal that'll help you create more effective to-do lists and declutter your schedule. If you're looking to get organized and procrastinate less, you need this in your life.

    9. Or a heart shell trinket dish that'll hold all your trinkets and treasures while you sleep. Now you might actually remember to remove your baubles so that they don't get lost in your sheets (my actual nightmare).

    10. A dual-level stainless steel basket that can suction onto tile or glass. Now all of your products will be within arm's reach when you're lounging in the tub, so you don't have to swim around or *shudder* leave the bath to grab 'em.

    11. A ten-piece set of airtight food storage containers that are clear, so you know exactly what's inside each one. They take up a lot less space than the boxes and bags they're packaged in and will make your cupboards look like Pinterest goals.

    12. A dry erase calendar where you can write down your hopes, dreams, goals, and appointments every month. It's magnetic, so you can attach important prescriptions and memos to it, as well.

    13. A kitchen sponge holder with space for all of your dish-scrubbing tools and products. This one has a drainer at the bottom so that gross gunk doesn't build up underneath.

    14. A mug storage tree that will keep your kitchen cabinets from getting cluttered and keep your fave cups on display. Reviewers say it's super sturdy and easily fits six mugs.

    15. An acrylic memo board that attaches to the side of your computer monitor so that all of your to-do lists and reminders will stay top of mind. The bottom has a lip that can hold your marker, notepad or phone in place, too.

    16. A three-tier accessory hammock that you can use to store and display your most-used sunnies, journals, and gadgets. They're made of soft material, so you don't have to worry about you specs getting scuffed.

    17. A set of expandable drawer dividers that'll make your dresser store-level tidy. You can also use them in the kitchen to organize all your cooking doodads.

    18. An acrylic organizing station that'll keep all your go-to hair tools from going MIA. It has compartments for your straightener, curling iron, brush, comb and styling products.

    19. A standing storage unit where you can store backups of your favourite products (perfect if you have limited cabinet space). Its shelves are pretty far apart, meaning it can fit even your tallest shampoo and body wash containers.

    20. A gumball lamp with built-in storage to keep your drawers from filling up with stray writing utensils. The neck is bendable, so you can adjust where light is shining if you're getting some glare.

    21. A multi-level storage basket with three tiers to hold all your fresh produce and pantry goods. Reviewers say it's perfect for keeping your kitchen goodies out of reach from sneaky pets.

    22. An over-the-cabinet hair dryer caddy that'll keep your bulkiest styling tool from taking up a ton of precious cupboard real estate.

    23. A set of floral acrylic drawers to store all your powders, glosses, and creams. It's also great for smaller stationery products, like sticky notes and erasers, if your desk is in need of some TLC.

    24. A kitchen storage basket with two levels for when you run out of space in your cupboards. It's great for storing your most-used spices and utensils because it allows you to access them so easily.

    25. A utensil organizer to keep your forks, knives, spoons, and cooking gear from creating a mess in your drawers. The dividers are completely adjustable, so you can customize the organizer to fit your stuff perfectly.

    26. And finally, a Darth Vader device holder that is the perfect size for gaming remotes and cell phones. Now you won't have to use the Force to find your gadget — they'll always be hangin' with the Sith Lord.

    You looking in the mirror:

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