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    24 Things That Are Sure To Make Life A Bit Less Tedious

    These items prove being an adult doesn't have to be so bad.

    1. A Revlon hot air brush which makes styling your own hair a cinch. I hate blow drying my hair SO much, I will go outside — no matter the temperature — with soaking wet hair instead. That was until this gadget came into my life. Now, all I need is five minutes (I *do* have a pretty short hair) and I leave with a perfect blowout!

    2. A Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure game so instead of jogging, sprinting, and high-kneeing your way through a local park, you can jog, sprint, and high-knee your way through a ✨ fantasy world ✨ where your workout helps defeat enemies.

    A screenshot of the game which shows a character running

    3. An automatic water fountain for those with picky pets who refuse to drink from a regular bowl. My cats drank solely from *my* water glasses until I picked this up and now I only have to wash/refill it once a week!

    4. A flexible HelloFresh subscription so you can forget about grocery shopping after a long day and just put together a delicious meal at home for less than five bucks.

    Burger and yukon gold fries

    5. An entertaining activity book that can help you take a step back from anxious thoughts by reading step-by-step instructions on how to build an underground bunker instead.

    The cover of the book which depicts a woman having anxious thoughts through word bubbles

    6. A measuring cup made specifically for semi-solid ingredients like peanut butter, honey, shortening, and brown sugar. This way, you'll get every last bit into your bowl instead of all over your fingers.

    The measuring cup filled with milk

    7. A teensy tiny handheld vacuum because if one thing is certain, it's way more fun to clean your desk/coffee table/counter with this than whatever non-ladybug method you had in mind.

    The desktop vacuum sucking up glitter

    8. A mini waffle maker so you can push pause on your day and treat yourself to a warm snack that's way more exciting than an Eggo.

    9. A sloth to-do pad so you can keep track of errands, appointments, and those tiny little tasks you can't convince yourself do unless it's written down on a piece of paper and you get to highlight it after. (Man, do I love highlighting.)

    A BuzzFeed editor's photo of the pad with to-dos written down

    10. A snow broom which, as it turns out, is WAY easier than using your arm to wipe off your windshield. I cringe just at the *thought* of snow going down my sleeve. 🥶

    11. A flexible lighter so you don't have to risk third-degree burns by reaching your entire hand into a nearly finished candle. Bonus: it's USB rechargeable ⚡️

    The USB lighter bending to light a candle in a round candle holder

    12. An address and password log book because look, I know the computer forgot your password but acknowledging that isn't about to solve the issue. Instead, write down all of your logins in this book and just be sure to keep it somewhere safe, huh?

    The log book which has lines for name, address, username, password, and notes

    13. An Instant Pot that can whip up meals in 20 minutes or less! I'm not too fond of the kitchen myself but I have made pulled BBQ chicken, teriyaki chicken and rice, and mashed potatoes in one of these with little effort.

    The silver appliance which has 14 buttons/settings and a digital screen

    14. A touchless vacuum ready to suck up whatever has found its way to your floor including Cheerios, dust, cat fur, and loose change because let's be real — if it's not a quarter, you're probably not picking it up.

    A person sweeps debris underneath the touchless vacuum, which sucks all the debris up

    15. A set of Miracle-Gro spikes which will revive your potted plants with all of the micronutrients they've been missing. They're safe to use with any indoor plant and work for a full two months.

    16. A colour switch brush cleaner so you can switch between eye shadow palettes without having to pull out a new brush. Just take the one you're using and give it a little swipe on the sponge to remove any leftover pigment.

    The product tin which has a black sponge inside

    17. An automatic toilet bowl cleaner you can stamp into place and then forget about. Each one works for roughly two weeks and doesn't just release a fresh scent, but prevents icky toilet rings from forming.

    18. A makeup-erasing towel so you can wipe away the day even if you've already climbed into bed. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

    19. A self-cleaning Litter-Robot because as much as I love my cats, there are few household chores I hate more than scooping their poop. Even worse, the little devils seems to enjoy watching me do it.

    20. A sock organizer because your socks seemingly disappear into thin air when left unattended. Mixing and matching is fun until you have a pair of low-rise sneakers that give away your secret.

    A model holding the sock organizer which keeps pairs together

    21. A paw-cleaning device so you can quickly and easily wash off Spot's paws before he does his best Jackson Pollock impression all over your white linen couch.

    22. A tub of heavy-duty cleaning wipes because despite the fact that you have 17 different cleaners under your kitchen sink, it is SO much easier to reach for a one-and-done wipe.

    A model using the cleaning wipes on a stained carpet

    23. A set of extra-deep-pocket sheets that will stay on your mattress the whole night through so you don't have to start every day wrestling with your fitted sheet!

    24. And a pet hair-removal glove because your living room is starting to look like the wild, wild West — only with fur balls instead of tumbleweeds. Chances are your pet will enjoy the massage, too.

    A photo showing all the cat hair removed by the glove

    You admiring the simplicity and efficiency of your new tools: