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    17 Things From The '90s Today's Canadian Youth Will Never Understand

    "People think I eat too many chocolate bars..."

    1. Modrobes

    2. This acne commercial

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    If you made it through the '90s without quoting "People say I eat too many chocolate bars," then you clearly did not live in Canada.

    3. YTV's The Zone

    4. PJ Katie's Farm

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    If you were home sick, you definitely watched PJ Katie's Farm, which was the most coo-coo bananas show ever. I have no idea how this even made it on the air in the first place.

    5. Catwalk

    6. Video & Arcade Top 10

    7. The Moffatts

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    Has there ever been a dreamier pop group of four siblings that included a set of triplets? I doubt it.

    8. Ready Or Not

    9. Student Bodies

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    Canada's answer to Saved By The Bell. Sure, Student Bodies is now in reruns on MTV Canada, but no kid today could possibly understand how obsessed with it we all were in the late '90s.

    10. Bradford How

    11. "Don't Put It In Your Mouth"

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    This PSA taught us why we shouldn't be eating medicine without our parents' go-ahead, and gave us this extremely catchy song at the same time.

    12. The Adventures of Shirley Holmes

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    Yes, Shirley was a descendent of Sherlock, and she solved mysteries nearly as well as he did. She also had an impressive collection of hats that I still covet to this day.

    13. "Fit for the Pit!"

    14. Jonovision

    15. Electric Circus

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    It's hard to believe that we had a show dedicated entirely to watching people dance to electronic music, but here we are. It was popular enough that Britney Spears performed on it at the start of her career!

    16. Sugar Jones

    17. Big Shiny Tunes