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17 People Who Just Realized Shawn Mendes And Shawn Desman Are Different People

Mendes... Desman.... Desman... Mendes...

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HEADS UP: There are still people now, in 2015, who can't tell the difference between Shawn Mendes and Shawn Desman.

Shawn Mendes.
Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

Shawn Mendes.

Shawn Desman.
Jag Gundu / Getty Images

Shawn Desman.

On the left is Shawn Mendes. On the right is Shawn Desman. Both happen to be Canadian pop stars from the Greater Toronto Area.

Yeah, their names are kind of similar (OK, very similar), but they're clearly two different people.

But some people just can't wrap their heads around it.

1. This person whose entire world has been shaken:

Just found out Shawn Mendes and Shawn Desman are two different people

2. This person, who misunderstood Shawn Mendes' career trajectory:

It's Shawn MENDES? This whole time I just thought Shawn Desman was making the greatest comeback of all time.

3. This person, who would have seen a great show either way:

viccheer turned down shawn mendes tickets cause she thought he was shawn desman :( :( :(

4. This old-timer:

You know you're old when you confuse Shawn Mendes with Shawn Desman.

5. This person, who would be correct no matter which Shawn he was talking about:

Person: omg I love Shawn Mendes me: yeah I love Shawn Desman too :) he's truly a Canadian treasure

6. This person who should realize that Shawn Mendes is also great:

Every time I see a reference to Shawn Mendes I think it's referring to Shawn Desman. Consistently let down.

7. This person, who is having a "gard" time:


8. This person who dares to insult the awesome Canadian music of 10 years ago:

When you confuse Shawn Mendes with Shawn Desman and take a trip through the early 2000's no Canadian should ever take. 😂

9. This person who is clearly not the only one:

One thing I will say about pop culture, I'm confused as hell on who is who when I hear the names Shawn Mendes and Shawn Desman.

10. This person who actually started their own fake Shawn Desman Twitter account:

My name is Shawn Desman not to be confused with Sean or Shawn Mendes

11. This person who might be friends with one or both of the Shawns:

Every time I hear Shawn Mendes I think about how I told Kandace my cousin was friends with him when i meant Shawn Desman

12. This conspiracy theorist:

unpopular theory: Shawn mendes and Shawn desman are the same person

13. This person who clearly said yes to Satan:

Kinda told everyone that we were getting Shawn Mendes for our frosh concert just to see their disappointment when Shawn Desman came😂

14. This person who has made peace with it all:

Just realized Shawn Mendes is not Shawn Desman but this'll be my reaction either way.

15. This person, who is definitely NOT the author of this BuzzFeed story, because the author of this story totally knew the difference the whole time:

Shawn Mendes is NOT Shawn Desman. I just cleared up a lot of my own confusion.

16. This person who wants to make all of us feel better about the confusion:

It's easy to confuse Shawn Mendes and Shawn Desman

17. And finally, this person whose struggle was even captured by one of the Shawns:

Shawn Mendes / Via Twitter: @MentalistMendes