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    21 Times "The Littlest Hobo" Was The Most WTF Show Ever

    Maybe tomorrow, he'll want to settle down. Until tomorrow, he'll just keep moving on.

    The Littlest Hobo is an important part of our Canadian heritage.

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    It is undeniably the best Canadian drama ever created about a vagrant, crime-solving dog.

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    And it arguably has one of the best TV theme songs ever.

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    You're going to have this stuck in your head all day.

    But the show was also, without a doubt, totally insane.

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    You only need to read the episode descriptions in order to understand it.

    These are 100% totally real episode descriptions from The Littlest Hobo:

    (And remember, Hobo is a regular dog who can't talk.)

    Hobo helps rescue a Prima Ballerina who wants to defect from her Iron Curtain captors.
    When Hobo witnesses a hit-and-run accident, he marshalls evidence against the driver and forces a confession.
    Hobo rescues a politician's son from kidnappers.

    "Wait," you say. "Are you sure he's just a dog? Does he have magical powers or anything?"

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    No. He's just a normal dog.

    Hobo encourages a paraplegic boy to enter a Frisbee-throwing contest to the dismay of the youth's overly-protective widowed father, who hates dogs because his driving at excessive speed and swerving to avoid a stray dog led to the car crash which killed his wife and left his son paralyzed. When Hobo saves the boy's life, the father finally sees the light. This episode also featured a young Mike Myers as the paralyzed boy's friend, Tommy.

    Yes, THAT Mike Myers.

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    (That hair!!!)

    Hobo befriends a down and out ex-vaudevillian who has been shoplifting with every intent to pay it back when she becomes a star again.
    Hobo helps a young boy prove to his mother that you don't have to play a rough sport like hockey to have courage.
    Hobo mans a disco control panel and helps the victim of an underworld frame-up.
    Hobo aids a captain whose crew mutinied and stole pearls.

    "Surely he must learn to speak at some point."

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    Nope. Still just a dog.

    Hobo turns health inspector when botulism is discovered at a campground.
    Hobo helps a reporter in her quest to track down a sasquatch-like creature sighted near a small town.
    A merchant seaman, suspected of having the plague, jumps ship in a large city. Only Hobo knows where the man is and must conduct him to safety despite the fact that the dog's own life is in danger and he is being hunted as a fugitive, too.
    Hobo meets Joey, a simple young man who is disregarded and picked on by most of the community. When Joey stumbles on a dognapping scam, only Hobo knows he is telling the truth, and can help Joey grow in self-respect by solving a real crime.
    Hobo helps find a hijacked truckload of diamonds.

    "A dog foils a diamond heist?!"

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    He sure does.

    Hobo befriends a lonely clown.
    On the docks. Hobo meets a very special friend who believes he can understand what animals are thinking. His sensitivity makes him a perfect partner for the dog as the pair matches wits with a warehouse full of gold thieves.
    Hobo acts to foil two ex-cons intent on stealing a valuable item secreted in a miniature town unbeknownst to the tiny town's current owner.
    Hobo thwarts a hunter stalking peregrine falcons.

    "This can't be a real show."

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    Oh, I promise you, it's real.

    Hobo helps a stuntman get work and confidence.
    Hobo aids a financially troubled church.
    A mime and a deaf boy help Hobo prevent a robbery.
    Hobo finds an undetonated World War II bomb.

    "The Littlest Hobo sounds like the most bonkers show ever."

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    You would be entirely correct.