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Hailee Steinfeld Reveals 6 Ways She's Learned To Love Herself

What better topic for the singer of "Love Myself"?

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In case you've been living under a rock, Hailee Steinfeld is currently killing it with her self-love anthem, the appropriately-titled "Love Myself."

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The song extolls the virtue of finding self-worth against the pressures of the outside world.

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(And there might be some subtle subtext in there as well, too.)

BuzzFeed Canada spoke with the 18-year-old on the virtues of self-love, self-care, and why they're so important to her.

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Here are some of the ways Hailee takes care of herself:

1. She finds a physical activity to help herself feel centred.

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"I love something as simple as taking a walk. Wherever I am, it’s something I can always do," Steinfeld tells BuzzFeed Canada. "Just getting fresh air and putting my earphones in and listening to music — or not, even, just taking in what’s around me. I do love physical activity, and that also just includes taking a walk. But my dad is a personal fitness trainer and I constantly am trying new things and new activities with him, just to stay centred and feel good."

2. She finds a core group of people to be on Team Hailee.

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"I have my parents, my older brother Griffin, and I have a handful of girlfriends — and guy friends — who I can always call, " she says. "Those people who have known me and I’ve known them half my life, if not my whole life. If you’ve known them your whole life and you’ve had a relationship with them your whole life, and they're still sticking around, they’re probably the right people."

3. She finds a place she feels secure.

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"If I’m home, that’s my bedroom," Steinfeld reveals. "I’ll light my favourite candle and and be alone. Music is my number one go-to release for anything, for whatever feeling I’m feeling. Sometimes, though, in moments like that, it’s nice to sit in silence and sit with your thoughts and get them in order."

4. She finds small ways to escape.

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"Having something like music, or even movies — deciding to go see a movie and get caught up in someone else’s problems, you can forget about your own. And when you listen to music you’re taken to another place, which I think is quite nice."

5. She knows when to put herself first.

Instagram: @haileesteinfeld

"Unfortunately, on the days that I do feel completely overwhelmed, it’s often in the middle of a massive workday— so there’s not much I can other than just stay where I’m at and just deal with it," Steinfeld admits. "But it’s so important to just take a minute for yourself. It’s so easy to get wrapped up and please everyone and do things that you think other people want you to do instead of what you want to do, that will make you feel good. I’ve learned that staying healthy is number one, and if that means taking 5 to 10 minutes for myself, then I need that. I haven’t always been able to stand up for myself in that way, but one of the greatest things you can learn to do is stick up for yourself and put yourself first when you need to."

6. She remember that everyone feels insecure sometimes.

Instagram: @haileesteinfeld

"A lot of the times it’s easier said than done when someone tells you 'Just love yourself. Just be self-confident. You’re special, you’re you, you’re this and you’re that,'" Steinfeld says. "There are times when you just want to feel not great. There are times when you have those insecure moments where you’re like 'I don’t know what my place in this world is at this moment.' And that's OK."

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