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19 Reasons Why 16-Year-Old Penny Oleksiak > You At 16

"When I was 16, I was singing Simple Plan and crying."

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At the age of 16, Penny Oleksiak made Canadian Olympic history on Thursday night, winning her fourth medal of the 2016 Summer Olympics — the most medals ever won by a Canadian during a single summer games.

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We might be stating the obvious here, but very, very few people were that accomplished when they were 16.


Amazing Things I'd Accomplished At 16 1. solving 2 sides of Rubik's Cube 2. building Oreo cookie w/ 8 layers of filling 3. 4. #pennyoleksiak


At age 16, I started dry heaving when the little boy I baby sat picked his nose and ate it. #pennyoleksiak



Penny Oleksiak just turned 16 and is killing her Olympic sport. The summer I turned 16, I spent most of it watching boys skateboard.


At 16, I got my Eager Beaver badge in my neighbour's pool.


CONGRATS to @OleksiakPenny for getting our first gold medal! When I was 16, I was singing Simple Plan and crying.


When I was 16 I gave myself a concussion by putting on an old hockey helmet and running head first into my locker



Oleksiak turned 16 less than two months ago. When I was 16 my biggest achievement was being alive for 16 consecutive years.


My only accomplishment when I was 16 was being a member of the AFI fan club.


16 yr old Canadian swimmer has 4 medals.. At age 16 I had failed my drivers test... Twice


The only gold medal I could have won at 16 would be for quickly switching channels when my mom walked in the room.



At 16 i got in a car accident on the day I passed my drivers test. She just won gold.


At 16 yrs old I stole the camp van to go get a burger and shake at the Bent River General Store 16 yr olds today win medals what fun is that


Penny Oleksiak won a gold medal at 16. When I was 16 I was writing Facebook status' like this:


When I was 16 I barely passed the swim test at school, but I don't think Penny spent the night before drinking tequila and smoking cigars



Penny Oleksiak is 16 & just accomplished so much in a single race. I was proud of my Backstreet Boys poster collection when I was 16.


When I was her age, I couldn't even remember my locker combination. #pennyoleksiak


.@OleksiakPenny is impressive at age 16. This is what I was doing at 16. #Rio2016 #Olympics2016 #PennyOleksiak


Olympic medals at age 16: Michael Phelps 0 Penny Oleksiak 4 #CAN


@thebrenthayden @SwimmingCanada I also do this