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17 People Who Got Called The Fuck Out On Their Bullshit

Cringing so hard.

1. This liar, liar, pants on fire.

2. This wannabe baller.

3. This YouTuber who may have embellished a little bit.

4. This seller who doesn't seem to know what "brand new in box" means.

5. This news story about, apparently, a not-famous car.

6. This pickup artist using a copied-and-pasted opening message.

7. This person who is totally not a catfisher.

8. This guy, who complains about clingy girls, only for those girls to provide receipts of his clinginess.

9. This guy, who accidentally created a group text with 32 of his Tinder matches.

10. This woman, who was called out in the most polite way.

11. This man, who was simply minding his own business while napping on private property.

12. This guy, who probably skipped school the day that light and shadows were taught.

13. This Tumblr user, who probably hoped nobody would notice the Powerade display.

14. This Tumblr user, who messed up when trying to promote their own novelty Twitter account.

15. This guy, who really doesn't know what will impress people.

16. This amnesiac, who forgot he'd used this lie a year ago.

17. And this "injured" employee who forgot he was Facebook friends with his boss.

H/T /r/quityourbullshit.