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Here's Why You Shouldn't Send A Group Text To All Of Your Tinder Matches At Once

Really, don't do this. No good can come of it.

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Per the fine folks at PostGradProblems, here is the story of "Joshua," who either doesn't know how iPhones work, or doesn’t care.

Here are 32 girls all realising what he's done.

Well, the ones who had his number, anyway.

The word "tool" is deployed. Joshua is in trouble.

He has now been identified.

Someone suggests it's an elaborate scheme to get off on his part.

Yes. BuzzFeed can confirm there are websites.

It'll be viral in three hours.

Joshua's quiet.

Which everyone now begins to notice.

Aha. That's why he group texted. He was busy.


This is getting quite painful.

Still, they all made friends.

And they all had an orgy.*

*They didn't have an orgy.