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21 People Who Deserve To Go To Prison Right Fucking Now

Hello, 911? I would like to report a crime.

1. People who take their shoes and socks off on airplanes.

2. People who don't clean the caps of ketchup bottles.

3. People who cut pizza in half like this:

4. People who don't synchronize the clocks in the kitchen.

5. People who take their food out of the microwave before time is up but don't clear the time remaining from the display.

6. People who leave graffiti in nature.

7. People who plug in their chargers in a way that blocks the other, unused outlet.

8. People who choose "yes" when the machine asks them if they want a receipt, but then they toss the receipt on the ground.

9. People who use up the entire bike rack with their one bike.

10. People who park their vehicles in the most inconvenient way they possibly could.

11. People who change their mind about buying something and just leave it somewhere in the store instead of returning it to where they first got it.

12. People who abandon their grocery carts in the middle of the aisle.

13. People who leave their grocery carts in the parking lot instead of the return area.

14. People who let their hair dangle over the back of the seat on public transit.

15. People who sit on the outside seat on public transit, blocking access to the window seat.

16. Or people who insist that their bag needs its own seat.

17. People who leave their trash behind when they leave the train.

18. People who stick their used gum in public USB ports.

19. People who toss their junk mail on the ground instead of in the garbage.

20. People who use the last of the ice cubes and don't refill the tray.

21. And of course, people who leave a new roll of toilet paper on top of the old one instead of just replacing it.

  1. Be honest: Do you deserve to go to jail?

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Be honest: Do you deserve to go to jail?
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    No, I am completely innocent of all charges.

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