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How Much Of A Buzzkill Are You?

"Well, ACTUALLY..."

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  1. Check off everything you've been guilty of doing:

    Corrected a friend’s grammar
    Corrected a stranger’s grammar
    Made fun of anyone for using the word “like” too much
    Gotten angry over someone using the word “octopi” because that’s the incorrect way of pluralizing “octopus”
    Said, "Frankenstein was the scientist who created him; you're thinking Frankenstein's MONSTER"
    Said, "Actually the term is FIFTH wheel, regardless of how many people are involved in the situation”
    Interrupted someone who was telling a joke so you could say the punchline
    Said, “You’ve already told me this” when someone starts telling you a story
    Said, “I’ve already seen this” when someone starts showing you a funny video
    Commented on a funny video of an animal to reveal that there’s actually a tragic medical reason the animal is acting that way
    Said, "Oh, you wouldn’t know them" when someone asked about an obscure band you listen to
    Spoiled the latest episode of Game of Thrones for someone who was just about to watch it
    Reminded people that most of the drama on reality shows is fake and manufactured
    Pointed out the scientific inaccuracies in Star Wars
    Pointed out that Darth Vader never actually says “Luke, I am your father”
    Complained that the Fast & Furious movies are unrealistic, as if anyone watches those movies for realism
    Told someone who was excited to see a film that you’d already seen it and it wasn’t that good
    Told a friend that the animals in all the old movies they love are probably dead now
    Eaten pizza with a knife and fork
    Told someone how many calories are in the food they’re eating
    Ordered at a restaurant and asked for every single ingredient on the side
    Told a waitress, “No, Pepsi is not OK”
    Insisted on not getting a table on the patio just in case it begins to rain later
    Gone to a foreign food restaurant and insisted on saying all the names of food with the authentic pronunciation
    Refused to eat anything with gluten in it even though you don’t have a gluten allergy
    Refused to eat from a food truck because there’s no air conditioning or tables
    Lectured about the nutritional benefits of kale every time you notice someone eating kale
    Used a calculator to split the bill with your date
    Forced someone to watch Requiem for a Dream on your first date
    Responded to an emotionally charged text from a close friend to mock an autocorrect mistake in their message
    Promised to feed your friends snacks if they helped you move but then gave them vegetables and dip
    Asked your friends to come up with plans because you’re so bored, but then shot down every single one of their suggestions
    And then been furious if they ever try to make plans without you
    Said, “Ugh, I hate summer, I can’t wait until autumn” on the first day of summer
    Told your friends exactly how many days there are until the new school year starts
    Called the cops on a teen house party because it was so loud you couldn't listen to your favourite Morrissey album
    Replied to someone wishing you a happy new year with “Whatever, it happens every year”
    Celebrated a birthday by reminding everyone that you’re one year closer to death
    Insisted that there’s no point in engaging in any political election because we’re all going to die someday anyway
    Asked an unemployed person how the job search is going
    Asked a just-married couple when they’re going to have children
    Lectured a pregnant woman about overpopulation
    Posted a vague Facebook status about how nobody appreciates you
    Posted a vague Facebook status about how nobody appreciates you and when someone comments to ask you what’s wrong, you reply with “I don’t want to talk about it”
    Told a recent graduate that their chosen field of work is "very competitive" and they probably won’t succeed
    Insisted on calling the hockey team “The Toronto Maple Leaves” because the current name is grammatically problematic
    Insisted on getting to a concert the moment the doors open — not to get to the front of the stage, but so you can get a good seat because the music sounds just as good if everyone just sits quietly
    Refused to dress up for a theme party and scoffed at anyone who did
    Interrupted a conversation to tell everyone all about the weird dream you had last night
    Begun a sentence with, “Well, ACTUALLY...”

How Much Of A Buzzkill Are You?

You like to go with the flow and not get bogged down with minor annoyances! It's not that you never get sad, but for the most part, you're a pretty easygoing person.

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Sometimes you're pretty good at letting your worries go, but there are times when you can't help but kill a buzz. But that's OK! Everyone's a bit of a buzzkill sometimes.

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You're not a COMPLETE downer, and everyone has the right to feel sad sometimes, but you definitely have a habit of bringing down a room when you don't have to. Try letting some stuff go every once in a while and not taking everything so seriously.

A pretty big buzzkill
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You take everything VERY seriously, even when you probably shouldn't. But not everything is terrible and not every minor mistake needs to be corrected — and definitely not by you. Try letting go of a few of your petty annoyances. You might find yourself actually having fun!

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